iPhone 7 Survey Reveals “Only” 10% of US iPhone Owners Will Upgrade This Year


The iPhone 7 will mostly resemble the iPhone 6s/6 in terms of design, various sources have confirmed, extending Apple’s usual design upgrade cycle to three years, as noted by Nikkei earlier in May. How will this affect Apple’s earnings? Quartz tried to find some answers, and they aren’t too positive – at least a few months before the official launch.

As Quartz points out, under the current upgrade cycle an average customer buys three new iPhones in six years. If Apple makes the switch to three years, as reported by Nikkei’s sources, citing the lack of smartphone functions the company could add in such a short period of time, it would mean the average customer would only buy two iPhones during the same six-year period. That could negatively affect Apple’s earnings.

Quartz has surveyed 525 iPhone owners and found that many of them likely won’t upgrade if Apple doesn’t release a redesigned iPhone. And, according to the rumour mill, it won’t. The reason: they mostly upgrade on each new iPhone redesign.

When asked whether they would upgrade this year if the iPhone 7 were not redesigned, only 9.3% said they are extremely likely or very likely to upgrade.

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Quartz’s result is a bit lower than an earlier Piper Jaffray survey of US iPhone users, which found that roughly 15% would upgrade. Commenting on the survey results back then, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said that the iPhone 7 will be off to a great start this fall.


  • jmcd102

    Not surprised.

  • Quattro

    I don’t think a survey monkey audience accurately reflects all demographics. Just based on myself and everyone I know with an iPhone, the average has always been 3 years, with many waiting 4. In fact, I don’t know a single person who gets a new phone every 2 years.

    I also don’t follow the logic where next year will be an 8.

  • OliChabot

    I usually get a phone every year, and most of people I know change when their contract ends after two years. So I think this survey is kind of accurate. I, for once, don’t think I’ll be changing this year and I’ll wait untill next year.

  • I wonder how many people are like me.
    I say, “nah, I’ll wait for the next one” but then when it releases, I cannot contain myself and end up buying it anyways.

  • iverge

    This will be the 2nd cycle where I haven’t upgraded my iphone. Apple has lost the “WOW” factor. I want to see edge to edge curved glass, better battery life, wireless charging!

  • Quattro

    I don’t want to see edge-to-edge curved glass. Yes, it looks cool, but based on the people I’ve seen who have such a phone, it’s annoying as crap. Battery life isn’t bad for typical users. And what’s so special about wireless charging? It’s inefficient.

  • gerry

    Same with me. I’m still happy with my 6 Plus

  • runner

    And maybe even less if it comes without a headphone jack.

  • Mamba

    These surveys cannot be taken seriously. It only shows the results of an extremely small sample size – 525 users (self claim, could be trolls) out of 100s of millions of iPhone users. How can this, or any survey in the same context, be accurate at all? It’s just basic human nature to assume something is accurate/correct when it’s something they like to hear, or it’s somewhat inline with their own feelings and/or surroundings.

    Just now between you and Quattro is a perfect example.