‘iPhone 8’ May Have a Lightning Connector With USB-C Adapter, Says Analyst


Earlier today, a report by The Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple will unveil an OLED ‘iPhone 8’ this year with a curved display and USB-C connector. However, Barclays managing director Blayne Curtis doesn’t seem convinced, and has told MacRumors that he expects the ‘iPhone 8’ to keep its Lightning connector, while Apple will sell a separate Lightning to USB-C adapter in European countries.

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The analyst believes that Apple will introduce the adapter to the European Commission’s “one mobile phone charger for all” campaign. The adapter will most likely be similar to Apple’s female-to-male Lightning to Micro-USB adapter, which allows iOS devices with a Lightning connector to charge and sync with a micro USB cable. 

“Many consumers have advocated for Apple to ditch its proprietary Lightning connector in favor of USB-C, which has become a standard feature on several Android smartphones, notebooks, and other devices. Whether it is an all-out USB-C port or yet another adapter remains to be seen, but it seems that Apple might be listening”.

In the past, Apple has also sold a 30-pin Dock Connector to Micro-USB adapter in Europe to adhere to the EU policy


  • JD

    Never gunna happen you know how much cash the make off their proprietary port?

  • Kael

    By the number of lightning cables that I have. A s%$& load of cash.

  • jabohn

    Ya, they’re not going to ditch it just when they started adding it to more devices… their Siri Remote, Pen, Keyboard and Mouse all use that port.

  • FragilityG4

    This makes more sense to have an adapter since the new MacBooks only have USB C. This would also point to the eventual grandfathering of USB A altogether on all their devices.