iPhone Dominates Smartphone Web Traffic, But Android King of Platforms


How does one measure mobile dominance? One might say – by assessing which phones are being used the most!

One measurement of this is overall web traffic share. In other words, which models of smartphones are used to surf the Internet the most?

According to online advertising network Chitika, Apple is the clear winner in this area, as noted in an update to their previous post about the iPhone 5 dominating the Galaxy S III:


Web Traffic Share by Mobile Phone

As outlined in the above diagram, Apple’s iPhone accounts for 46% (nearly half) of overall web traffic. iPhone 5 use comprises 3% of this figure (and I’m guessing this number is rising,) while all other iPhones account for a total of 43%.

Note that the 3% for iPhone 5 is already more traffic generated than that of its main rival – the Samsung Galaxy S3 (2%), a product that has been on the market for much longer. Kinda makes you wonder what the heck these folks are using their S3’s for?

The remaining chunk of traffic is largely dominated by other Samsung devices, coming in at 15% in total. All other smartphone manufacturers combine for a total of 37%. (The fact that they are all lumped together as one, does not bode well for any of them.)

Here’s the breakdown from Chitika:

• iPhone 5: 3 percent

• Other iPhones: 43 percent

• Samsung Galaxy S3: 2 percent

• Other Samsung phones: 15 percent

• Non-Samsung Android: 34 percent

• BlackBerry: 2 percent

• Windows Phone: 1 percent

I know what you’re all asking though: what about the platform-specific percentages? Have no fear, Venture Beat to the rescue! They took a closer look at the numbers.

Obviously the iPhone share is comprised entirely of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. This is the 46%, as previously stated. One can reasonably assume that Samsung’s 15% share is all Android, since most of its phones use this OS. So the big question is, what’s in the 37% “other smartphone” category?

We know that Microsoft’s Windows Phone accounts for a paltry 1% of this. To determine the remaining 36%, VB asked Chitika to run some numbers. Turns out that 34% of “other” are indeed non-Samsung Android phones. So basic math will tell us: 34% + 15% (Samsung Android) + 3% (Galaxy S3) = 51% of total web traffic is Android-based. (I didn’t pass third-grade math for nothing!)

Get it? So while iPhone dominates the hardware battle in this category, Android is still king of platforms, with iOS a close second.

Oh and by the way, in case you are wondering, what’s the other 2%? You guessed it – BlackBerry is still kickin’!

[via TechCrunch, Venture Beat]


  • Hmmmm

    From my experience most of the people with Android’s are more tech savy and generally leave their surfing for a full sized computer with keyboard.
    Their phones are a useful device for app data, emails, mapping etc.
    Screwing around doing web searches on a small phone is not efficient at all, but something I see being done more with stereotypical iPhone users which are generally less technical people that generally follow the latest trends. For the iPhone users, I see more people that seem to think the iPhone is more of a cool fashion statement rather than a device they actually take full advantage of.
    My main dataset for this observation is within the company I work for. The engineers doing development and the people with more of a technical background that know how to use their tech are almost exclusively Android users, with phones setup to get them what they want quickly. The people in sales, accounting, production workers, that are much less technical, are almost exclusively iPhone users and are continually screwing around with their phones, lol.
    The company I work for is quite large so from a statistical standpoint the confidence interval is not bad.