iPhone Easter Egg by Google in Mobile Safari Makes My Screen Tilt


Here’s a pretty neat iPhone ‘Easter Egg’ I haven’t seen before. Do the following:

1. Launch Safari
2. Tap on Google Search box
3. Type in ’tilt’ and tap Search

Voila. See, I wasn’t lying! Only the Google search result page for ’tilt’ is tilted, nothing else. Are Google engineers having some fun here, or Apple?

[h/t to @amatecha]


  • JF

    Looks like ’tilted’ does the same thing

  • Zeus_369

    What’s interesting is that is works on my iPhone but not with my iPad. I was thinking this wasn’t working anymore until I tried it on my phone.

  • Anonymous

    I just wasted 15mins of my life trying other search terms to see what else Google has done…. *sigh*

  • Scott

    Its not just on the iPhone. Works on my Android device as well. Silly Google.

  • Jon V

    Cool, just tried it on my new iPhone.

  • Jmstranger

    Also, crooked works

  • Jmstranger

    And askew. How fun.

  • Indraf

    it works on android as well, not worked on ipad

  • cute. I just tried ‘reversed’ and ‘turned’. no luck 🙂 how many did you try?

  • Mdwoodford

    Works on android phones too.