iPhone ‘Emergency Call’ Feature Allows Boy to Save Grandfather’s Life


We have all heard stories about young people performing acts of heroism beyond their years in emergency situations in order to save a life. What happens when something happens and the only phone in sight is an iPhone locked with a passcode?

Anybody with an iPhone setup to require a passcode has likely noticed the small ‘Emergency Call’ option in the bottom left-hand corner. This means you can actually make a call to 9-1-1 without having to have access to the rest of the phone –which is precisely what a 7-year old boy did when his grandfather “keeled over in a minivan at the side of the road in Chilliwack, B.C.“.

Evan Raap was able to call 9-1-1 and inform the operator about his grandfather becoming unresponsive in the front seat. Then, using landmarks like a store and train tracks the young boy was able to guide police and an ambulance crew to their location on a gravel road.

The incident is a perfect example of many things, not the least of which being Raap’s ability to “stay calm and provide details about his surroundings when he was so scared.” It also demonstrates how easy the iPhone is to use, the elegance of the ‘Emergency Call’ feature and the necessity for parents to educate their children about the proper things to do during an emergency situation.

Raap’s grandfather is now “resting and recovering” in hospital from an unexplained broken back that had caused him to black-out because of severe pain.


  • Guest

    Not to side-track because it’s fantastic, and the kid is a hero to his grandfather, however all Cell phones need to be able to dial 9-1-1. Even without a sim. It’s not really an iPhone feature.

  • Dude

    Like the other guy said. All phones are legally required to allow 911 access.

  • DaMan05

    AMAZING. This is totally an innovative feature from Apple and has not been in phones since 1997.

  • urir1

    when i was 7 i was taking computers apart and put them back together, i was babysitting my new born brother and traveling 20 km to my school. I mean good for him for what he did but does it deserve an article. If he was 3….a

  • anon

    why did the police need a description of location? don’t all canadian services charge you for enhanced 911 with location tracking on cell phones?