iPhone HD: Front Facing Camera, A4 Chip, 3rd Party Multitasking? June 22nd?


So it looks like the WSJ article about the new iPhones coming this summer left something out of the equation. John Gruber from Daring Fireball implies that the WSJ article is missing what’s coming this summer in the so-called “iPhone HD”. Here’s what we can expect:

Keep in mind there’s a big difference between “is” and “appears to be”. And they have no actual details of the next-generation iPhone. Nothing. Not the A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip. Not the 960 × 640 double-resolution display. Not the second front-facing camera. Not even the third-party multitasking in iPhone OS 4. All they have is that there’s going to be a new iPhone this summer, period. Thanks for the scoop, Yukari Iwatani Kane.

Wow. If Gruber is accurate in his “predictions”, this is going to one heckuva summer. It’s obvious that Apple would release a new high resolution display given that rival handsets, such as the Google Nexus One and HTC Evo 4G have incredible displays.

Engadget Reports Tuesday, June 22nd is the Release Date of the “iPhone HD”

After the WSJ article broke, the Engadget team updated their story about June 22nd being the launch date for the iPhone “HD”. Take this with a grain of salt once again.

Apple seems to have had a very busy day today:

  1. Mac OSX 10.6.3 released.
  2. iPad tutorial videos posted on
  3. iPhone 3.2 SDK Gold Master released.
  4. Spread news of iPhone HD to the interwebs**

** this may or may not be true 😉

Are we seeing ‘leaked’ info on the internet to raise the bar for the next iPhone, only to have Apple come up with even more surprises?

Spill your brains in the comments please!

[Engadget, Daring Fireball]


  • 11thIndian

    After Apple gets the iPads flying out the doors over the month of April, next up will be the iPhone 4.0 SDK. Over the past 2 years, Apple has held SDK events well ahead of the launch of new hardware in order to give developers enough time to get apps to market, as they just did with the iPad. So I don't think anyone should be surprised if and SDK event is announced imminently.

    A quick Google search reveals that the 2.0 SDK event was held on March 6 2008, and the 3.0 SDK was on March 17th 2009.

  • MistahTibbs

    Well, I'm due for Bell hardware upgrade in November so, barring something awesome coming from HTC, I'll become one of the converted and get an iPhone HD.

  • rorypiper

    Just rumours. Have we not learned anything over the past 3 years? Anyway, what the hell in “double” resolution?

  • 11thIndian

    Not to be condescending, but twice as much. The current iPhone's screen is 320×480 pixels; at 960×640, the screen would be twice as sharp and detailed. Not that it's horrible now- quite honestly I'm curious to see what the result is.

  • djepsilon

    I can't help but go back to the town meeting Apple had back in January. Steve said “Google entered the phone business. Make no mistake, they want to kill the iphone. We won't let them.” The article where Jobs was quoted also goes on to say the the next update for the iphone will be A+. If these things are true, I think we have reason to expect a good things this summer.

    The screen resolution is a no brainer. If the Nexus One has it, the iphone will get it, I'm sure of it. The A4 processor seems to be a no brainer too. I really don't think Apple would invest as much time and money as they did developing the thing if they were ONLY going to use it in ipads. I'm sure we'll see the same processor or at the very least, a variation of the A4 in the new iPhone The multi-task seems to be inevitable as well, though based on what they said last year when they introduced the 3GS, it could still be an issue with the battery… which means maybe older iphones won't get a 4.0 update? As far as the front facing camera goes, I'm not holding my breath. I want the new iphone to have one SO BADLY, but I was convinced the 3GS was going to have one last year. Until we see photo's of Chinese workers in the factory taking pictures of each other using a front facing camera… I won't be convinced.

    Bottom line, I think we just have to look at what Google has done to see where the iPhone is going. If Jobs seriously has this vendetta against Google like the say, we can at the very least expect the next iphone to match the nexus one's specs, or (and more likely) have specs that will completely blow it out of the water.

  • Nice work on the research of previous SDK announcements. I think people have
    been eagerly waiting for a shake up with the iPhone OS. We haven't had any
    'major updates' with firmware revisions, just some bug fixes.

    Once the iPad is out, then it's going to be business as usual for Mapple to
    pump out all those new great features. 😉

  • These are some pretty specific rumours to get the 'next' iPhone ball
    rolling. As for the front facing camera…how many of you would use it all
    the time? People nowadays just text/email/tweet/FB.

    It'd be a nice feature but I'm not sure if our mobile networks can support
    it yet.

  • rorypiper

    Ha. Thanks, but I was just making fun of how it was worded. I guess it's hard to “type funny”. 😉 . Yes, twice the resolution would be great! Still just a rumour though.

  • noreallyitsme

    Great point Gary. I know if I got this new Iphone I'd be the only one…I guess there is always chat roulette…

    I think the networks should be able to support them as they are 3G+ if I recall correctly. Could be wrong though, happens often 🙂

  • djepsilon

    I think I would use ichat on an iphone quite a bit. I use ichat/video skype on my computer a lot, so why not on an iphone? As far as our networks go, has anyone ever tethered their iphone to a laptop and tried using ichat? I have and it works just fine! My guess is that if Apple does make an ichat app for iphone, it will be WiFi only to start with.

  • Joker Eh

    why couldn't you use it with your data package you already have or over wifi? I like the app WhatsApp and I could see them adding a video conference between people if the front facing camera were available.

  • Joker Eh

    why couldn't you use it with your data package you already have or over wifi? I like the app WhatsApp and I could see them adding a video conference between people if the front facing camera were available.