Unlocked iPhone SE 64GB Gets $80 Price Drop in Canada to $629


Apple’s iPhone SE has received a price drop today, as the unlocked 64GB model has dropped by $80, now priced at $629, six months after its debut. Previously, when the iPhone SE debuted back in March, this 64GB model was $709 CAD.

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The discount on the iPhone SE means it most likely will continue to be offered for prices as low as $0 on two-year terms from carriers, seen as the ‘affordable’ entry into an Apple smartphone on contract.

Earlier today, Apple debuted the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, starting at $899 outright. We also saw discounts on Apple Watch Series 1, and iPad Pros.


  • jay

    is not a bad iphone i actually like it for work and has a headphone jack…

  • RickysCV

    Being kind of underwhelmed with the iPhone 7 (yet overwhelmed by it’s price), the SE with its headphone jack is looking like a more realistic/responsible upgrade for my iPhone 5. Now if I had lots of money…