iPhone Tip: Send a call directly to voicemail


One of those “Wow, I didn’t know such a simple option existed!” tips, at least for me anyway.

Send an incoming call directly to voicemail by quickly double-clicking the top power button. I tried it and – unsurprisingly – works like a charm!

A great option when you’re in a meeting and realized that you didn’t turn off your ringer. It also saves you from having to wait through the standard ring cycle when you know it’s not a call you want to take.



  • Joyce

    You can also silence a call by clicking the power button once.

  • Kevinmatthewroach

    Or any of the volume buttons, which turns off the ringer but let’s the call go through. If the person calling you goes straight to voicemail they might assume it was a bad connection or service issue and keep trying.

  • Steve

    The caller will know you are ducking him after it rings only once and goes to voicemail. Once to mute it is best!

  • Yabbadabbado

    Doesn’t declining the call also go straight to voicemail?

  • No. The first press is to silence, the second tap sends to VM

  • mememe

    wow you’re a genius for figuring out that ALL by yourself

  • Dan

    Or jailbreak and use iBlacklist!

  • asdd sdsasd

    dumbest post ever, lol, who doesnt know that

  • Luca

    Lmaoo ten years later i found this out a long time ago im sorry but its pretty obvious i think all the phones have this u can also click the decrease volume button to just shut off the sound but thanks anyway.

  • Auto Strada

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  • mememe

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  • Christopher Jones

    Yes, hitting DECLINE will end the phone call and send it to voicemail.

  • Christopher Jones

    Also, did you know that while you are on a phone call, you can hit the power button to end the call? This is useful if a telemarketer calls you or someone you don’t want to talk to calls you. It’ll end the call as soon as you press it. It will also turn off your screen, but this is a small price to pay for ending a call quickly

  • Cjhermes

    hitting the volume buttons during a call also silences it. this is great for running out of the room to answer.

  • Upland2830

    You R an an A**

  • Thanks for the tip! Another secret yet to be discovered. Is there a realy good pamphlet/brochure/app for ALL the the capabilities of the IPhone 4?

  • A Keschvari

    Sorry luca that some people didn’t find it obvious enough to find out that double clicking the power button has such a effect. I hope you forgive us.

  • Ron

    There is no reason to do it “quickly”…

    The iPhone automatically silences the ringer with the first press, and sends it to voicemail on the second press.



  • Ravi

    You can just hit the side button and it silences the call.

  • Ravi

    So while you are on a phone call you can hit the power button to end the call?!?! Can’t you just hit end on the phone? Isn’t that the same thing?

  • Shaun Gti Van Tonder

    To enable this feature, you first need to find out which number is being used for your voicemail forwarding by going into the Phone app and dialing *#67# and pressing the “Call” button. Write the number down that appears here and then simply go into Settings, Phone, Call Forwarding
    and enable it using this number. All of your incoming calls will be
    sent directly to your voicemail as long as Call Forwarding is enabled,
    and when you want to go back to receiving incoming calls normally,simply
    go back into your Settings app and toggle Call Forwarding back
    OFF. As an added bonus, the iPhone will retain the last number used for
    Call Forwarding, so when you want to send all of your calls to
    voicemail again, you can simply go back in and toggle the Call
    Forwarding setting back ON without needing to re-enter the number again.