iPhone 5s ‘Available to Ship’ Times Now 2-3 Weeks on


Unlocked iPhone 5s orders from now show an ‘available to ship’ time of 2-3 weeks, instead of the previous estimate of just ‘October’, which was in place shortly after sales launched on September 20 (the gold model sold out in less than 10 minutes).

The detailed estimate means orders could still ship in October and can be seen as a sign iPhone 5s supply could be ramping up to combat high demand.

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Unlocked iPhone 5c models still show an ‘available to ship’ time of 24 hours, which has been in place since September 21.

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  • Don

    I’ll just keep checking the apple store from time to time. 2-3 weeks + actual ship time in transit is still too long.

  • PCNix Toronto

    Something is not right. I reserved my iphone 5s on Rogers website good 1.5 week after launch and got it in 5 days.

  • steve

    All these dopes signing 2 year deals…sigh.

  • xxxJDxxx

    LOL. I always feel like the real dopes are the ones thinking they are somehow winning by not taking a subsidy but continuing to pay for service anyway.

  • gerry

    I was lucky enough one Apple Store had some 5s’ in stock when I visited.

  • sky_n3t

    Something is not right is correct! I ordered on the 23rd of September and I still haven’t received the tracking number email from Rogers!


    You are in the same boat as I, so are most others… but you like I ordered through loyalty via hardware upgrade. I have been outright lied to by rogers numerous times since initial order.
    Before placing order I asked for the agent to verify availability I was told it was showing in stock and that I would have it in 7-10 business days… After that timeframe past I called in to see how much longer and asked if they had my tracking number as I had not received that yet even. I told the agent that I was told I would have the phone by than and was called a liar…
    several more lies followed….
    On Thursday I called in again to ask about shipping estimates I was re routed to loyalty and was told my phone had shipped and the agent gave me a number she said was my ups tracking number…
    I went to ups to use number and found out it was bogus…. I used online support to have rogers verify the tracking number and told him my story of how I was told my phone had shipped and that was the ups tracking number issued… He gave me a different number to copy down when he checked my last recorded conversation with loyalty and realized I had been outright lied to. He told me to contact loyalty and give them the number.
    So than I call into loyalty and give them the new number and the guy offers me a free 500 mb data free for 2 months… Im doing a hardware upgrade I am without my cellphone. Useless I told him. Now That gets me back to the hardware upgrade part again and why you are in the same boat as I. You see when I was placing order I asked if there was any other way to order that would get me my phone faster because I need it for work and am now resorted to borrowing my workers phones onsite… He tells me your phone has not shipped there is no tracking number no phones have shipped I tell him hes a liar too and ask him if they have one honest agent and that I want to deal with that individual only… He than tells me ok a small amount have come in and gone out but they were for those who reserved ordered. I tell him how I had asked if there was any other way for me to place my order to get my phone faster and he told me they were trained for this sale to inform people of that fact…. We will not get our phone now in my opinion until sometime after the 25th when it sounds like apple will be re supply and distribute to many new countries we wait while they stockpile I guess…
    frustrating for sure at the very least I was also informed by that last agent that they are mostly useless individuals due to a high turnover rate of staff… So while I am sure you nor any other wants to hear we may be waiting as long as mid November even was what he said, at least I am being honest with you…

  • sky_n3t

    Did Rogers tell you that your order is back ordered?
    Yeah I have been lied too as well.


    Yes they said back ordered