Ipsos Reid: Canadians Continue to Buy Apple and Android Smartphones Over BlackBerry


Ipsos Reid has released results of its survey of 46,000 Canadians that took place from August 2011 to January 2012. During this period, smartphone ownership was stated as 24% in August 2011 and grew to 34% in January 2012.

“Clear shifts in brand preference appear when we look at the brands of devices consumers are currently using,” says Mary Beth Barbour, Senior Vice President with Ipsos Reid, “And looking forward, it appears that the brand race will continue to heat up.”

The smartphone landscape in Canada continues to shift away from RIM’s BlackBerry, as noted by the changes in their study from January 2011 compared to January 2012. BlackBerry’s market penetration decreased from 41% to 33%, Apple increased from 23% to 28%, and Android from 26% to 31%.

In terms of intent to purchase a particular brand of smartphone, BlackBerrys took a huge dip. In January of 2011, 58% of survey respondents planned to purchase a BlackBerry, but a year later it declined by a third to 40%. The bulk of RIM sales are now heading to Android. Intent to purchase an Android phone made by Samsung grew from 21% to 32% in the same time frame. Apple had a slight incline notes the report.

It was noted last month the iPhone had finally toppled BlackBerry sales in Canada according to data compiled by Bloomberg and IDC. Last September, comScore reported iPhones already had outnumbered BlackBerrys in Canada. There’s no question the reign of the BlackBerry has faded, as the Waterloo-based company continues to struggle to release a compelling and innovative product to keep up with the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Do you know anyone planning to purchase a BlackBerry anytime soon?

[via Ipsos Reid]


  • Guest

    Do you know anyone planning to purchase a BlackBerry anytime soon?
     – NO!

  • Frank

    My mother and sister bought a blackberry…
    I told them:

  • pdude

    My wife has BB Torch from work, and it’s pretty much unusable, unless you have fingers of a 4 year old + the slow and chaotic interface.  RIM need to sell their patents, make some cash quick and go home, before even those become worthless.

  • hub2

    A friend bought a new BB Torch last August. She regretted it within a month. I sold her my old iPhone 3GS, and she loves it so much more. Only issue is the 3-year old battery, if it really becomes an issue we’ll replace it.

    Even when the battery quits on her (can happen anytime below 20%), when it reboots it only takes a minute and a half instead of the 5 minutes her Torch took at least once every day, because she had to yank the battery after the BB had frozen.

  • FragilityG4

    The Bold is a nice looking phone, if you like physical keyboards which I don’t, but aside from that the worst part of Blackberres is the terrible User Interface … It’s not user friendly at all and it’s very slow in responding.

    I think it’s funny that Blackberries still have physical keyboards considering all the smartphones on the market, aside from RIM, don’t.