iTunes 10.5 Download Now Available


Apple has just released iTunes 10.5 via Software Update (some may not see it yet), in preparation for the release of iOS 5 and iCloud tomorrow. The specific release time (either morning or afternoon) is unknown, but just keep your eyes and ears peeled here.

You can also download it directly from Apple’s website.

iTunes 10.5 brings:

  • Automatic downloads of apps to all your iOS devices
  • iTunes Match (US only at the moment)
  • Purchase history
  • iTunes in the Cloud
  • WiFi syncing

iOS 5 will be available tomorrow, just a couple days before the launch of the iPhone 4S. Some pre-orders from Apple have already arrived around the world.


  • Will iOS 5 be avail for download right at midnight? or at least 12am PST?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else not seeing it in Software Update?

  • JC

    same here ..can’t see it yet

  • JC

    My guess is tomorrow around same time …10 am PST

  • Anonymous

    Just give me iOS 5 now 

  • Luke

    I’m still not getting a “music” option under “purchased” in the iTunes store. Just books and apps.

  • Anonymous

    Are you talking about on your iphone or in itunes?

  • Anonymous

    Me either still just Apps and Books in iTunes and on my phone. I’m sure we are being screwed over by some Canadian licensing requirement sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed if you click learn more in iTunes from the purchased tab at the bottom it says,

    “Music and TV Show features are available only in the U.S.”

    Hopefully Canadians will get it soon

  • SSM

    You can always download directly off of Apple’s website if you don’t want to wait

  • SSM

    The music option is US only feature for now (hopefully). Same with iTunes Match – it will initially be US only. 

    If we’re lucky, this Xmas Santa will give us a gift and give these features for Canadian users.

  • coop

    Can’t wait to see how they manage to mess up integration with Outlook in this release. 😉


  • Luke

    iTunes. A little disconcerting the number of features that Canadians are going to have to wait for: iCloud purchase syncing, Siri, iTunes match.. hopefully that’s the end of the list and it will be just a short delay. 

  • Mike B

    iTunes purchase syncing has been working since they announced it ages ago…Siri will also be available from day one on the 4S.

    The only one you are right on is the music match service.

  • Sparky

    I still can’t get the iTunes sync to work. I have wifi but I don’t have it connected to the Internet. My iPhone is my sole access to the net. I’m assuming that I need Internet enabled wifi for some crazy reason. :/

  • Laughtont

    I have just noticed the the iCloud for iTunes music tab is now live on my iTunes 10.5 under the new “purchased” button

  • iamlynda

    I’m having a problem with my photo albums. always been able to sync chosen albums to my phone for some reason I keep getting a message about will not work on your phone..?? all .jpgs & all have been synced not problem for the past 2+ years. Had to muck around with apps and ringtones too but all that’s Ok now.

  • Mr. Mac

    What does this new terms of agreement mean about not switching ids on a device within 90 days? Am I misreading or does this now pose a problem for backups if two people use the same Mac to sync their devices? What if we don’t want to trust iCloud yet? What if we were also sharing apps?