[Updated] Apple Canada 12 Days of Christmas: 12 Free Downloads Dec 23 – Jan 3


Update 1: How to download your free gift of the day? Easy. Just click along the bottom partner links to find your free download of the day.

Day 1’s freebie is a free episode of The Big Bang Theory. Yay?

Looks like iTunes Canada is joining in on the Christmas spirit. Apple has launched their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, where each day will include a free download of either music, TV, movies, apps, or books.

This Christmas, we’re feeling very generous and are handing out free gifts galore. From December 23 through January 3, you and your friends can download free music, TV episodes, movies, apps, or books from some of the biggest stars on iTunes.

To get your free gifts, come back each day between December 23 and January 3. Each free download will be available exclusively through our partners’ websites for 24 hours only.

Looks like these downloads will be available only through partners’ websites, which includes various media outlets. In Europe, they have a similar promo but there’s a cool 12 Days of Christmas app to download gifts from.

Any particular items you’d like to put on your iTunes wishlist? The free gifts start tomorrow!

[Apple Canada]


  • Dave

    newspapers…is this a joke

  • BenP

    There’s really nothing to download anywhere… I guess it *is* a joke.

  • Oumax99

    It is not newspapers, those are the sponsors, click on them and it takes you to a download of a Big Bang Theory Episode. Lame, but not as lame as newspapers.

  • Teal

    Any word on how to get these ‘free gifts’ Gary??

  • Teal

    Any word on how to get these ‘free gifts’ Gary??

  • Lauren

    For some reason, not all the websites display the download. The Chronicle Herald and Winnipeg Free Press work though.

  • Anonymous

    Where do i get the downloads or a list of sponsors. This makes no sense. I cant find any relevant info. Please help.

  • John

    I expected something far better than a TV show on day 1! I’ve never even heard of this show and by the looks of it, I’m glad.

  • DarkLordMelkor

    You’ve never heard of The Big Bang Theory? It’s been on TV for 3 or 4 years now, and is one of the best comedy shows out there IMHO. Just watch a few episodes and you’ll see why.

  • Teal

    Maybe a good show, but a random season 2 episode? Lame.

  • J Aaaa

    One episode from two seasons ago?? What a waste of my time. I got all 4 seasons in 30 mins for free.

  • Tigger59

    The link above goes to a Trip of a Lifetime contest with a field for Postal Codes but when I read the rules & regulations, it states it’s ONLY open to residents of the U.S., excluding Florida, NY and Rhode Island. Huh!?

  • Mike

    The trick with this promotion is that it absolutely will NOT work if you have AdBlock on your browser. So disable it, or use a browser that you’re not blocking ads on. It only took me 3 browsers to figure this out….

  • Bob

    They are not free. You pay your ISP to download them. Today’s was 11GB of Mad Men.. what does that cost in your cell data plan? or your capped home plan? In Canada a sponsor is Rogers, an ISP and cell provider…and they profit every time a free gift is claimed. They sponsor the newspapers’ iPhone app offering the gift… so newspapers partnered with an ISP to lure readers away from paid print copies to free net access to the same news. Is this making any sense to you? Not to me…..

  • Cocoa Chica6

    Open itunes to get your freebies, guys.

  • Cocoa Chica6

    By itunes, I mean the itunes store. They’ll advertise the “12 days of Christmas”, and you’ll be able to click on links to partner sites.