Check Out These Gorgeous and Colourful ‘iWatch C’ Concepts [PICS]


Designer Martin Hajek, known for his impressive concepts of products Apple might release has published new images of what he calls the ‘iWatch C’, an update to his original iWatch concept first published this March.

Right after Apple launched the colorful iPhone 5C I figured it would be nice to have a look at adding color to my original iWatch concept.

The original iWatch concept was designed together with Adam Banks of MacUser magazine. Based on that design I added some color, simplified the design and basically turned it into an iPhone 5C for around your wrist 🙂

I also teamed up with talented graphic designer Dámaso Benitez who designed a nice, simple and clean lock-screen. More of Dámaso’s work on his website

Finally I just had to see what this iWatch would look like in the Apple store 🙂

This new iWatch C design takes its design cues from Apple’s colourful iPhone 5c line up, which debuted with a hard plastic backing that was “unapologetically plastic,” said Apple design guru Jony Ive.

As you can see in the design of the watch below, it’s literally like wearing an iPhone 5c on your wrist–let us know what you think of these concepts in the comments:

Screenshot 2013 10 21 14 57 57

Screenshot 2013 10 21 14 58 12

Screenshot 2013 10 21 14 58 31

Screenshot 2013 10 21 14 58 45

Screenshot 2013 10 21 15 12 57


  • Philippe Dupuis

    Still better than.. Nothing

  • I dunno to be honest I find them ugly. If you’re someone that actually cares somewhat about fashion (not saying that I am) then I’m not sure this is really a good look?

  • Steve

    The display is way too tiny. It looks like a Belkin iPod watch, which has been around for years. The display should be the same width as the iPhone, with a slight curve around your wrist.

  • eason

    if Apple don’t come up something that doesn’t look like a “regular” watch, not persuading me to buy one