Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones Sale: 41% Off on at $129.99


Don’t want to fork out extra for Apple’s AirPods or BeatsX headphones? Then check out the sale on the popular Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones, currently on sale for 41% off at $129.99 on, saving you $90. This is just $10 off the lowest price ever on, which was on Boxing Day last year.

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The Jaybird Freedom headphones connect to your iOS devices and more via Bluetooth, offering 8 hours of play time and a lifetime warranty against sweat, so these will be great for the gym or runs. There’s also an included remote with mic so you can make calls anywhere, plus there are 20 ear tips and ‘wings’ to ensure you find the perfect fit for your ears.

Click here to jump on the Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones while the sale is still available on


  • Anon

    The Freedom’s actually have only a 4 hour battery life, and need to piggy back a charge pack to give it another 4 hours. The X3’s have an 8 hour battery life without the need for a charge pack.

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  • Buddha

    Got these last year .. great price on them. The way I use them, I love the charge pack ability. I use them and charge the battery pack while I use it, come home, clip the charger to it and still use them til the earphones are “full” again, put the charging clip to charge again. Therefore they never actually “die” lol. Great product!