JustWatch: Streaming Search Engine Adds CraveTV, Shomi Support


Having difficultly finding titles amongst streaming service such as Netflix, iTunes and more? JustWatch can help, as the Berlin-based streaming search engine has catalogued all shows from a variety of services to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

The company tells us it was just updated to support Bell’s CraveTV (which publicly launched yesterday), while it also lists titles from Rogers and Shaw’s shomi as well.

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JustWatch allows users to see which shows or movies were recently added by provider and by country (which can be useful if you’re a VPN/DNS user, although that may be ending for Netflix users?).

Right now, Netflix, HBO NOW, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, Crackle, iTunes, Vudu, XBOX, Playstation, realeyz, Mubi and Fandor search is available for users in the United States. Canadians have Netflix, iTunes, PSN, Xbox video, shomi and CraveTV access (although with a VPN/DNS service like PureVPN, you can access everything in Canada).

If you’re into renting or buying movies from iTunes, JustWatch tracks prices and deals daily, plus allows filtering by genre or release year. There’s also a companion iOS and Android app too.

JustWatch is a legal service they explain, as all queries result in legitimate results, not links to view titles illegally online. Let us know if you’re going to use this!


  • Stroodle

    I see the version avail on my iPad was last updated Oct 15/15 and doesn’t show it supports Shomi etc. I hope there is a version for tvOS as well as that might be handy – my ATV4 Siri still doesn’t like to search Shomi

  • The web shows support, but yeah, looks like their iOS app badly needs an update.

  • Stroodle

    Thanks Gary, I downloaded it anyway and once I opened the app it asked for my country and then all the Canadian options showed up. Seems like a good app so far. Thanks.

  • Sweet 🙂

  • ticky13

    Would be nice if you included a link to the actual site and not a bunch of affiliate advertising ones.