KeepItWith.Me: Transfer URLs from iPhone to Computer Faster


Do you send a lot of URLs from your iPhone to Mac/PC and vice versa? There’s an incredibly easy way to share URLs quickly, and it’s via the service KeepItWith.Me. This service will let you send/receive URLs from any device like your iPhone 4 to your Mac/PC and vice versa.

Here’s a video on what it’s all about:

How to set it up…

1) Click Get Links (you can click it now, you won’t leave)
2) Drag the ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ links below to your bookmarks toolbar.
3) Bookmark these exact same links on your other device

The links have a unique ID so you will get different links if you just follow these same steps on your other device. You need to send these same links you see above to your other device.

To get these links on your other computer we can email you the links (optional)…

How to use it…

1) Go to the website you want to send to your smartphone or other computer
2) Click your ‘Send with KeepItWith.Me’ bookmark
3) Now on your other device click the ‘Receive with KeepItWith.Me’ bookmark

Thats it! Now you should be reading your article on your smartphone. You can also send a web page in the opposite direction (phone to computer) using the same process.

I put KeepItWith.Me to the test and it works exactly as advertised. Say I wanted to send a link from my iPhone to my MacBook Pro. First I’d load up Bookmarks and choose Send with KeepItWith.Me:

Once you choose send you’ll get a confirmation page:

Now within Firefox (or any browser) on my MacBook Pro, I just click the Receive with KeepItWith.Me bookmark and bam–the link opens in my current tab!

It takes a minute to setup KeepItWith.Me, and the instructions can seem complicated, but it’ll save you time from having to email links to yourself. Other ways to share links easily include using an app like Simplenote and a Simplenote Dashboard plugin on your Mac.

Let me know how KeepItWith.Me works out for you.



  • bc

    sounds similar in concept to Instapaper, but…

    – Instapaper lets you also read the articles you mark for later reading offline.
    – also it seems that keepitwithme only lets you send/mark ONE article at a time? – unlike Instapaper which lets you save (and organize and file away) many articles.

    Instapaper also has easy to use bookmarklets for desktop computer or iPhone/iPad. plus some other 3rd party apps like Twitter also directly support Instapaper. extremely convenient and powerful, IMO

    unless I’m missing something, keepitwithme seems way more limited? – online only, save/send 1 article at a time only…

  • TeenWolf

    Would really like to send links between all my devices. iPhone to iPad as well.

  • Try Simplenote. It’s free and awesome.

  • With KeepItWith.Me, it’s just so simple on sending links from iPhone to Mac and vice versa with just a couple taps/clicks. Instapaper also works, but this is just purely for links only.

  • cilias

    If you use Firefox, you can use the Firefox Home iphone app to access your open tabs (among other things). KeepItWith.Me seems to be a complicated way of accomplishing the same thing.