Leak Claims to Show ‘iPhone 7’ EarPods with Lightning Connector [PICS]


A new set of leaked images claiming to show ‘iPhone 7’ EarPods with Lightning connector has just surfaced on Chinese social networking site Weibo (via, showing a standard set of iPhone EarPods with a Lightning cable in place of the 3.5mm plug. Take a look:


The Lighting connector seen in the above leaked image however, shows off a much thicker plastic edge detailing than the one Apple introduced alongside the iPhone 5 and is still in use with the iPhone 6s. Although, the extra thickness could add durability which is a common issue, and audio is already supported over Lightning so it’s difficult to rule out the authenticity of the images.


Nonetheless, this sort of product wouldn’t be the hardest thing to photoshop. What do you guys think?


  • Jim

    looks fake

  • Looks fake+1 It doesn’t have the design look of apple

  • Halopend

    The lightning portion of the connector is huge and almost certainly fake. Hard to see apple approving it when they already know that removing the headphone jack will stir controversy.

  • nk

    that would be you could only use apple head phones or have to have the adapter or use bluetooth headphones

  • xxxJDxxx

    Definitely doesn’t look case friendly

  • BigCat

    I think your right. The market is already concerned about Apple’s ability to sell large numbers of the iPhone 7 if it is not a major upgrade. Now, if you throw in the elimination of the 3.5 mm jack that could really have a lot of people choosing to remain with the iPhone 6/s for another year.