Mac versus PC: Which Side Are You On? [Infographic]


Hunch has created an interesting infographic that will surely bring up the whole ‘Mac vs PC’ debate again. Check it out below:

mac versus pc

Prior to using a Mac, I was happily using a Dell 700M (the screen was amazing), until the thing crapped out on me after three years. The speakers failed because the continuous opening/closing of the lid ‘sliced’ the wired connection. The battery eventually died, and the trackpad stopped working. Not only that, formatting and reinstalling Windows and dealing with drivers was no longer ‘fun’. It gave me reason to invest in a MacBook Pro, and I guess you can say ‘the rest was history’.

Are you a Mac or a PC (or both) person? What’s your story?

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  • Anonymous

    I am a pc guy,but for smartphones its all about iPhone4. I just can’t dish out $1200-3000 for a desktop mac or $2000 on a macbook pro. Not because I am poor or anything,I just don’t see a reason to dish out 4 times more. I bought a dell labtop for $450 after taxes and is solid and does the job, and can get 4 other computers before I buy one macbook.

  • humm so mac people are pretentious stylers ? What does it mean when you own both of them, or should I say many of them? PC,MAC and Linux.

  • It means you’re a hybrid…a mutated human being!

  • LOL i do agree with gtasscario. Macs are really expensive. I have 7 computers, and two of them are mac’s both were given to me. I am typing this on my MacBook Air, I love it, but i wouldn’t of bought it because I wouldn’t fee right about spending 1800 dollars on a laptop with performance about the same as a 400 dollar pc. sure it light though. I do love all my computers and windows 7 and mac snow Leopard are so similar i forget where i am at times lol

  • Thaneo

    I bought my first mac 6 months ago, macbook air with full performance.
    I used it for 4 months and i hated it. Macos was horrible, especially using it at work. Programming using the keyboard was a mess.
    macosx was slow and buggy from time to time.
    Long story short, it slowed down my work process so i want back to pc and bought a Vaio z13Z9. Damn I love windows 7 and my Vaio.
    saying it just works is a myth. Windows 7 is so stable and fast.

  • It really comes down to preference at the end of the day, and what works for YOU.

    Do I loathe PCs? Yes. Why? Because they are a nightmare to deal with. Switched my parents over to a Mac and life has been a dream. No more calls about hardware issues. I now send dad to the Apple Store.

  • I you compare the same hardware, the price for a Mac (especially MacBook pro) is not 4 times higher… It will be nearly the same… Maybe 100-150$ more… But that’s it…

    I bought a new 13 inches MacBook pro a few weeks ago…
    And to get a similar Dell Laptop (with a backlit keyboard, ssd and good battery life) would have cost me the same or more…

  • I’m on the PC side… I worked and maked money every days with PCs for the last 13 years… But at home, I have two Mac… So who am I supposed to be? 🙂

  • Frank Williams

    Mac hardware is nice, but expensive. I use Ubuntu on my PCs. CentOS on my servers. But I have an iPhone 3GS and an original iPad Wifi too. Colour me mixed.

  • Pwill

    At least make the questions the same for each side. This makes no sense as a poll.

  • E Leung

    Mac all the way

  • Anonymous

    Heres a 15 inch macbook pro 15-inch: 2.0 GHz
    2.0GHz quad-core
    Intel Core i7
    4GB 1333MHz
    500GB 5400-rpm1
    Intel HD Graphics 3000
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5
    Built-in battery (7 hours)2
    Ships: Within 24hrs
    Free Shipping

    And heres a dell inspiron 15 inch

    (2.53GHz/3MB cache)
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
    2GB2 Single Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz
    250GB3 hard drive (5400RPM)
    Lithium Ion Battery (6-Cell) – Up to 4 hours of battery life*

    Starting at 429$ Can be customized to be better,but thats all you need for a basic labtop.

  • Anonymous

    While thats true,your essentially paying more for peace of mind. And majority of pc owners just get a new computer every 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    I got a dell optiplex desktop, a dell vostro labtop and a acer netbook and all three didn’t even cost me $1000. If windows arent crashing you and giving you a hard time,its a mac.

  • Anonymous

    PC all the way. It’s much cheaper and I play games, mac sucks for games.

  • Disagree. Not paying more for peace of mind. Paying for ease of use and no more dealing with technical issues, which allows for more time to spend on productivity vs troubleshooting. There’s no need to buy a new PC every two years if you just invested in a Mac the first time around, like Mario said above.

  • Casey Callaghan

    Those laptops that you choose are hardly in the same league, not even close to being competitors. Get a PC that is quad-core, with 4GB ram, 500GB hard drive and with similar battery life as the MBP and a somewhat thin design (not 5 inches), and we’ll talk.

  • Exactly what I was going to write… Thank you!! 🙂

    Same people like cheap plastic laptop… But I prefer something with more quality like a MacBook Pro.

    I’m working full time fixing/selling PCs for the last 13 years… So I know where to look to find a comparable laptop…
    When I bought my 13″ MacBook pro, no PCs was close… I wanted to buy a good PC… I didn’t find anything with all the specs of the MacBook.

  • are you kidding me there are bunch of PC that have better specs. And i have two macbooks

  • Yes I’m serious…
    Name a least one PC laptop with the same specs as the current MacBook pro… With the latest CPU generation…
    I don’t one random numbers…

  • Anonymous

    IMO Mac’s are better for the “clueless” users. People who don’t know much about computers or how they work are better off on mac. The same can be said for iphones vs android or bb. It’s simple, it works, less conflicts because it works on all of their systems.

    Windows 7 is a huge step forward on the PC side, everything for me has worked right out of the box on about 15 different reformats. No compatibility or hardware issues on any of the PC’s I’ve worked on. I don’t know what people do to screw up their computers so badly.

  • I know that Asus has some excellent laptops… It’s my prefered PC brand for laptops… I’m even selling them to my customers…
    Before buying my MacBook, I looked at all the model available… The only model that looked good for what I wanted was the U36… But it wasn’t available yet.

    All the models you listed are not in the same class as the new MacBooks Pro…
    Yes their specs have some great numbers… But they all use the previous CPU architecture and I’m sure that the battery life is well below of what a MacBook Pro can do… Also none of them seem to have a backlit keyboard or a solid non-plastic body.
    You pay for all those things with a MacBook Pro… And it’s well worth it!!!

    In the end, it really depend of what you need to do… It you want a fast laptop for games, go with a PC… This is the only choice.

    But if you actually need to work on the road, MacBooks pro are an excellent choice…

    And on a last note… One of my customers wanted a good mobile laptop… 12 or 13″ max… Good battery life… Good speed for “office” usage… Backlit keyboard… More than 250GB SSD drive… Docking station…
    We went for the for the Dell Latitude D4200… I don’t remember the price exactly, but it was around $2800… We paid a premium price to have what was needed…
    It’s the same thing with MacBooks Pro… You pay more for the laptop itself and the software because overall, you have a better machine…

  • Romi C87

    Windows 7 is good, but I’ve used multiple pc laptops and the build quality is horrendous. I even worked at best buy selling machines that were more powerful than a MacBook pro, however the return rate and repair rate was also huge. I personally prefer a Mac, also trying running windows 7 on a Mac, u won’t be disappointed. A lot of people just won’t accept the Mac. Pc’s are just made to cheaply for me to like.

  • Anonymous

    Substance over style wins EVERY time for me. If Apple was concerned about offering all the bells and whistles/latest tech in their products…..maybe…..but even then I’m not prepared to take out a second mortgage in order to buy their above mentioned offering either. AND they make it IMPOSSIBLE for the owner of their products to upgrade the internal parts themselves by taking extreme measures like installing specially designed screws to thwart any attempt at modifying/improving/upgrading what they sold to you. Their arrogance re: their products is beyond reproach.

  • People screw-up their computers by hitting the “yes” button when asked to install a new virus scanner. This installs for them a worm, making their pc part of a botnet, then two, then three.

  • Djcrazec

    FUCK what this bullshit says, I’m a MAC user all around.

  • Anonymous

    Ah ok I didn’t know you meant beyond hardware specs. I don’t know of many PC’s that have backlit keyboards in that price. There are some nice ASUS laptops around $900. 13″, 9 hour battery, dual core, decent video etc. Personally I would never buy a laptop with an SSD, I would add that myself. Also SSD’s over 256GB are just ridiculously priced, not great for storage in any way yet. Mac’s aren’t a bad price if you want those bells and whistles.

    I personally picked up a gateway laptop back at christmas for $550. Has a i3 2.4ghz dual core, 4gb ddr3, 750gb hdd, nvidia 420m, 15.6″ screen and a 6 hour battery. I dropped an intel SSD in it and she’s beautiful. My keyboard doesn’t light up and it’s no quad core, but it’s brilliant for the price.


  • MrAnonymous

    I’m a PC guy, and prefer PC’s simply because you aren’t locked into running specific under-powered hardware. I’ve got a i970 (6-Core) OC’d at 4.5Ghz, Tri-SLI EVGA GTX 580’s, and 2 x OCZ Vertex 2 (34nm) RAID-0. Can’t do that or have that with a Mac. I’ve never had any driver problems with W7.

  • Lastmboy

    I’m a bit mixed, myself. I own 3 Windows 7 pc desktops, 1 Dell Windows 7 laptop, an iPad wi-fi, and an iPhone 4. I like each for different purposes. My main desktop is a 3.4ghz Core I7 with striped solid state drives and 12 gb of fast DDR3 RAM. I don’t know of an Apple that would compete with it for the price. It’s my “power” machine for jobs where I expect to sit down at a proper desktop. I hardly ever use my laptop, as it’s just not as convenient as the iPad. For portable, I love both my iPhone and my iPad. After learning the hard way, I realized that I don’t really “need” all the power of a pc and everything it can do, with all the customizations, in the palm of my hand. When I’m running around, I want extremely quick and easy to use. The iPad/iPhone accomplish that better than any other portable device, and they also do many, many things a pc cannot do. Most people forget about that. Try to pull of some of the tricks you can do in GarageBand on a pc. I used to be somewhat anti-Apple, using the complaints that they control and restrict you too much, and don’t let you customize everything to death. However, I have realized that in some cases (not all) that can be an advantage. With portable devices, it is a huge advantage. They are no-hassle devices where everything just works. They are fast and extremely easy to use and to configure. They don’t have viruses, and, for the most part, the severely buggy applications don’t make it into the store. The android devices are turning into a disaster where crappy apps and viruses are concerned. I still haven’t been able to talk myself into an Apple desktop machine, though. I guess I’ve just used PC’s for too many years.

  • MrAnonymous

    “Mac’s are better for the “clueless” users.” Couldn’t of said it better myself. It’s why I would recommend a Mac to my parents, and old senior citizens, and generally the computer illiterate.

  • I don’t consider myself as a clueless user… So why do I have two Mac at home?

  • MrAnonymous

    If you can’t answer that question, then you are clueless 🙂

  • I don’t really like comments saying that Mac computers are for clueless users… So I was just asking why you wrote that…

  • Lmcfilms

    PC laptop batteries suck. In 1 yr my PC was dead. One yr into my mac book pro. Battery still rocks and when I turn it on I do not have to wait 10min. Once you go mac you don’t go back

  • Anonymous

    He was actually quoting me. It’s not that they ARE for clueless users, it’s that they are the better choice for the clueless users. For users that know what they’re doing, it’s all personal preference.

  • I still have an ibook that is working 7 years later. PC was nothing but a nightmare for me. I work with a lot of media and for the specs and the quality Mac is a much better system. PC’s still have a place in the pure business world but I would never go back.

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  • Randal

    Macs cost ~50% more. I wonder how much of the above correlates more to socio-economic status than anything?

  • But it doesn’t cost ~50% more for the exact same thing that you would get with a PC…