MicroSIM Cards Coming Soon To SaskTel


Today SaskTel has announced via Twitter that the wireless carrier will be receiving microSIM cards soon.

A few months ago SaskTel CEO spoke about the new network and indicated that Apple was coming out with a new iPhone, now known as iPhone 4, in June 2010 and further that the iPhone was coming to SaskTel.

So far SaskTel has not announced support for the iPhone, but with SaskTel receiving microSIM cards soon, the iPhone 4 could be on its way.

“MicroSIMs are coming soon but unfortunately I can’t provide a date just yet. We’ll let you know when they’re available”.

If and when SaskTel receives microSIM cards, the wireless carrier could also provide iPhone 4 plans instead of supporting the actual device. Time will tell.



  • Kandabrass

    Or the alternative – if you don’t want to wait for Sasktel to get their act together you can cut down your sim to a micro sim. I did it – and I do have coverage with Sasktel – even in rural Radville where the network isn’t supposed to be up until Nov. ’10.

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  • Kujo

    I just purchased a sim card for my ipad from Saskatel and it odes not work . I get a message ” I do not have suscription for cellualr data ” Any idea to fix the problem

  • Quiksilver_69_69

    those dates are all wrong I installed Radville end of september start of october