MobileMe Goes Down For Scheduled Maintenance Tonight At 10PM


Tonight from 10PM – 12AM PST, Apple will be applying scheduled maintenance for its service, MobileMe.

During the maintenance, web apps on will not be accessible and the maintenance will also affect those trying to sync data between devices.

“Due to scheduled maintenance, some MobileMe members may be unable to sync between their computers, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch or view their contacts and calendars at Normal service is expected to be restored at the end of the maintenance window. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

While mail will still be available on iOS devices, other apps may be inoperable until 12AM on December 15.



  • skull

    honestly fuck mobileme. a good waste of $110 per year

  • Guest

    you Sir, are a Slughead!

  • Angelos

    Actually, skull has a point. I’ve been subscribing for 3 years and have never been happy with the upload/download to iDisk… Especially from desktop! Need to use browser to be semi-reliable and even then it’s flaky. I am seriously questioning whether I renew my membership next spring and I know many others feel like i do.

  • I use the iDisk with my MBP…usually not through the browser and have had awesome results. I don’t generally use it for huge files though, just reading assignments and papers.

  • Ex

    Same, through my MacBook Air and iPad.