Mockups of an ‘iPhone 5’ with Taller 4-Inch Screen Released [Gallery]


MacRumors has commissioned Ciccareses Design to come up with mockups of a taller ‘iPhone 5’ with a 4-inch display–and I must say it looks gorgeous.

Earlier rumours from iLounge speculated on a larger next generation iPhone display, but via a taller screen, a metal back plus a smaller dock connector. These claims are opposite of what we’ve heard from iMore, which claims the finalized ‘iPhone 5’ design has not been decided yet.

Check out the high quality mockups below, and tell me what you think:


  • K.

    WHy in the world would they have a smaller connector?

  • Speaking for myself, it seems hard to improve on the iPhone4/4S design. For me it’s the perfect in function and form.  I personally don’t see the need to make the screen that much bigger.  I love the fact that I can hold it in one hand and my thumb can hit any corner of the screen without having to use my other hand if I don’t have to. People seem to forget that little design element goes a long way toward.

    Whatever they do, the have a high bar to get over with the 4/4S

  • Evolutionary, not revolutionary. For a company that has one product in their smartphone lineup, and a celebrated design team, we should expect more. This is Apple, not Samsung. 

  • draz

    To make you spend more money on accessories


  • FragilityG4

    Smaller parts mean slimmer/lighter phone.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Think of the iPhone 4/4S design like that of a Porsche 911 – timeless.  Its basic design doesn’t change much over time but it gets better and better and you can recognize it from a mile away.

  • Great analogy.

  • Shameer Mulji


    As an added note, I also think the same analogy can be applied to the design of the iPad 2 / 3rd generation.

  • Kelvin Siu

    Don’t abuse it there, buddy

  • I don’t buy it. Stretching it out and adding an extra row of icons seems inelegant and unApple. It’s the same reason  I think IF they go to 4″, it will be the same aspect ratio at a lower pixel density. We’ve never even figured out why they would go to 4 anyhow. Because Samsung does? That’s not very Apple either.

  • Dc

     well thats perfect for guys like you with girly hand Mike, however the rest of us dont have hands the size of a six year old, and would like something bigger than a toy.

  • Pcoop

    The ideal size should be the same as the new Galaxy S3, and the screen should be edge to edge!

  • Shameer Mulji

    And what the hell are you gonna do about it? I meant what I said and I’m sticking with it. There’s not a tablet right now that looks and feels anywhere near as good as the iPad and unless you can come out with a better design put a cork in it.

  • BOSS

     Easy there tough guy, no need for tough guy lines.