Monday Headline: Toronto Driver Hits Nun With Car, Gets iPhone Stolen


Here’s Monday evening headline, courtesy of the Toronto Star: “Man strikes nun with car then has iPhone stolen”

…and here’s the story:

A nun on her way to Sunday mass was injured when her car was hit by a vehicle that drove through a red light.

The collision happened at about 6 a.m. at Keele St. and Eglinton Ave. W.

The accident sent the victim’s vehicle crashing though an empty bus shelter. The victim, 60, had minor injuries but was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Badly shaken, the driver of the other vehicle had trouble dialing police. A passerby who offered to help made off with his iPhone, police said.

The driver faces charged under the Highway Traffic Act, police said.

The robbery suspect, described as black, with a skinny build and braids, was last seen running south on Keele St.

So a man runs a red light and smokes a nun’s car. Dude is shaken up after the accident and gets a stranger to help him call 9-1-1, only to have his iPhone stolen. Damn, God got you. Don’t run red lights, folks.

[via Toronto Star]


  • Paul


  • Karma

    That really sucks…

  • hub2

    As unforgivable as running a red light and causing a collision is, anyone involved in an accident getting anything stolen from the accident scene is despicable. Now you can’t even trust the first people on the scene to be actual Good Samaritans, and not out to screw you over. My faith in humanity has dropped even further, and frankly it’s been pretty damn low for awhile now.

  • T-Dot

    That’s just the quality of people you see at 6 am at Keele and Eglington.