Mossberg: Hey Fanboys, Relax and Take a Deep Breath



Walt Mossberg says your tech hardware, software, and services should not be religious objects and the companies that make them should not be follows as if they were a cult.

It is perfectly normal to like or even love using your iPhone or Android phone, but Mossberg reminds us that they are only tools, you will not get to heaven by using one or go to hell for preferring another brand.

The biggest tech religion is the Church of Apple, with countless blogs defending its every move, regardless of whether it’s a good one. Some carry a sort of permanent sense of suspicion from the old days of the 1980s, when using a Mac was considered weird by many.

Here is a message from Mossberg to all you fanboys and fangirls out there:

So, to all you fanboys and fangirls out there: Calm down. Enjoy your phones and tablets and laptops and software. But don’t overlook their flaws, and don’t hate people who like other stuff.

You can read Walt Mossberg’s full commentary here.

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher have left the Wall Street Journal and started a new site called Re/code, a technology news site and conference business to succeed AllThingsD which they both founded. On Thursday, they said their new venture will be backed by Comcast’s CMCSAC.UL, NBC Universal, and Windsor Media.


  • I think tech is great. It makes our lives a bit easier by connecting to others quickly. But its just a tool. There’s no need to bash someone over liking one product vs the other.

  • Yup. Only in tech do people openly bash each other’s choices.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    and politics

    and sports

    and religion

  • Chrome262

    I don’t know, sure some apple fans can be a bit over zealous, but I find those with other devices are more adamant about how better their stuff is, or just the pure Apple hate, it boggles, sure if you like something better than the other, but there are people that just won’t buy apple products (I know I am the same with Samsung, but thats just a personal issue with crappy customer service, so I have bought it). I see less hate in PS4 vs xbox one. At least there there are always a group that get both, because they like gaming.