‘MyQ Home Bridge’ Brings HomeKit Support to MyQ Garage Door Openers


Chamberlain’s ‘MyQ Home Bridge’, which was unveiled in January at CES and was expected to go on sale in April, is finally available for users to purchase from Chamberlain’s website for an introductory price of US $49.99 (via MacRumors). For those who already own a MyQ garage door opener, the new MyQ Home Bridge will bring Apple’s HomeKit support to any compatible garage door opener.


With the new Home Bridge, users can control their garage door with Siri, set scenes within the Home app, and connect a MyQ garage door opener with other HomeKit-enabled devices. For instance, users can make a smart thermostat or light bulb adjust accordingly to when their garage door opens or closes. Chamberlain’s series of MyQ lighting accessories can also be connected to HomeKit, and be controlled with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

“The MyQ Home Bridge adds smartphone control to your MyQ enabled garage door openers (without built in Wi-Fi) and MyQ lighting. Get peace of mind knowing the main access point to your home is secure. This easy to install product allows you to check the status or control your MyQ products from anywhere. 

Never worry again if your garage door is left open. Plus, this product is compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri Voice Control. If you are an existing MyQ user with an Apple device, upgrade your garage door opener and MyQ lights with HomeKit to make your smart garage even smarter.”

To check out the full list of compatible garage door openers, click here.


  • When will it be available in Canada? Does the Home Bridge connect wirelessly to the existing MyQ door opener?

  • It’s Me

    Only took 2 years since they first announced a solution and still not in Canada. They also originally promised a free firmware upgrade for existing myq devices. Once available in Canada we’ll likely miss out on the “thanks for waiting” price reduction too.

    This company has been a complete joke.

  • Agreed, but this is the case for most good products made in the US. Say Tesla Model 3.

  • dp21

    It’s a little difficult comparing a home kit enabled device to a vehicle from a regulatory perspective. There are far less regulatory approvals needed for the former..

  • dp21

    Agreed. They really screwed up the roll out of this product. But nonetheless the non home kit one worked really well.

    I would have bought the pre order but alas CA is screwed.

    From your post it looks like your also on the Chamberlain forums?