Netflix Adds PBS Programming to Library in Canada, USA


Netflix has announced it has signed a multiyear licensing deal with PBS to add content to Canadian and American markets. The following programs are a few examples of what will be added:

  • The Bletchley Circle
  • Children’s programming like Wild Kratts, Caillou and Arthur
  • Documentaries from filmmaker Ken Burns (Prohibition, Central Park Five)
  • Past seasons of non-fiction series such as Nova and Secrets of the Dead

Netflix also announced it will exclusively stream the award-winning preschool series, Super Why! in 2014.

“While PBS stations will always be the first place to see our programming, this agreement with Netflix exposes our shows to new audiences and further expands PBS’s presence across all media platforms,” said Jason Seiken, general manager of PBS Digital.

Netflix again continues to ramp up its exclusive content in an attempt to thwart off competition from other similar services offered by cable companies. Rogers, along with Bell-Astral have previously stated their intentions to create Netflix rivals.

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  • ryanrobert

    My daughter would love to see Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood. Annoyingly theme song and random songs, but she loves the show.

  • Netflix is using content geared for kids to win the streaming war. I think parents will like this.

  • poop

    My Son would too. Hugga Mugga.

  • Christopher Lynchehaun

    Super Why has already been added to Netflix Canada

  • Matt

    Arthur was available when Netflix first came to Canada, then it disappeared for some reason. Was available in the US but not in Canada. Nice to see it back. I loved that show growing up.

  • Tim

    Who cares about Netflix in Canada? Use a US DNS and win, win, win….waayyyy more content.