New iPhone 5 Repair Parts Leak Reveals Further Details [PICS]


Some fresh ‘iPhone 5’ leaked parts have surfaced on (via Cydia Blog) that reveals further details about the what the next iPhone hardware could entail, notably a thinner design and larger screen:

The leaked parts shows the bigger screen, different internals (such as a new flex cable holding the Home button in place), and the camera modules (front and rear). The camera module cutout looks to be larger, there is an enhanced version of speaker and microphone configuration at the bottom, new smaller dock connector (instead of 30-pin Dock Connector, 16-pin connector could be introduced). Another notable design change in the new iPhone front panel shows the FaceTime camera has been moved to a centered position above the earpiece speaker (it is currently to left of the earpiece in iPhone 4S and iPhone 4).

Earlier, we saw a hands on video of an alleged iPhone 5 shell compared with an existing iPhone 4S, and now more images have surfaced that look exactly like the purported shell in the video.

In the images below, the front FaceTime camera is centred and the two-toned back looks like brushed aluminum between glass. The bottom of the unit once again shows a smaller dock connector, which Reuters recently ‘confirmed’.

Check out the rest of the photos here. Let us know what you think in the comments–is this just a prototype…or could we see some similarities when the next iPhone is released this fall?


  • wstoneman

    I like the headphone jack at the bottom, but this whole longer body design looks really weird.

  • K3

    Looking at the Galaxy III compared to the 4s, the length addition will be good but wide would have also been nice. Maybe iPad mini will have cellular.

  • Ruhndmc

    Can’t wait for this thing to come out! Saving my pennies for this little gem! May take some getting use to with a bigger body and such, but but I had to get used to the flatter-more square body in the 4/4S compared to the smaller-“more durable” 3G/3GS.
    This time I will buy from Apple directly, can’t stand the quality of phones I get from cell providers!

  • yearoftherat

    As much as I’m looking forward to the iPhone 5, the thing that will prevent me from getting one is the so-called new 16-pin connector. What the hell is Apple thinking….

  • Ben

    Come on, It was getting pretty archaic to have a phone with a plug that’s around an inch wide on on the bottom. I’m positive that there will be adapters too. And since the phone isn’t getting any wider, those adapters should allow it to still fit in a lot of accessories.

  • Johnnygoodface

    16, 19 pins, stop whingeing! That’s the Apple way: decisions has to be done and they have the courage to make them! They needed space, so there it is. Until you can replace your cables, the’ll be a nice adaptor “for that”.