New iPhone Model Ready For Field Testing?


Today, reports claim that code revealed inside iOS 4 is showing that a new iPhone model is ready to begin field testing. The code, pictured below, carries the description of “iPhone3,2″ and iPhone3,3” and seems to indicate that these devices can “auto-activate”.

In this case, auto-activation is said to allow carriers to test the devices without a manual activation using iTunes, as is currently required for retail iPhone units.

Way down deep within iOS 4 is a pretty intriguing block of code. Our source says that the code queries the device, and if the device is either a CDMA iPhone or iPad 2, the device will auto-activate, thus bypassing the need for iTunes.

This type of iPhone code name shows up every year when Apple is planning a new iPhone device. Evidence of future Apple devices typically is found deep inside the current iOS, whether 3.0 or 4.0. As an early example, the code “iPhone3,1” appeared in iPhone OS files in March 2009, which then, 15 months later, became the new iPhone 4.

Since the new iPhone code carriers the name “iPhone3,2” and “iPhone3,3”, instead of “iPhone 4,1”, this suggests that any new hardware will be a minor revision to the existing iPhone 4.

At this time it is unclear if these new devices are new iPhones for next year 2011 or if they are the rumored new CDMA iPhones for USA wireless carrier Verizon.



  • This stuff is so uninteresting, I’m shocked people spend their time digging through the code. Does anyone not believe that apple is currently working on SOME kind of new phone? Of course they are, they’re always going to be. This stuff tells us nothing we don’t already know.

  • Bryan

    oooh, is that mention of a new iProd? I would love to get one of those……

  • roadcarver

    Maybe it corrects the iphone 4 flaws

  • Mike S.

    I think there working on a new iphone but how do they get it to market even in a year without a backlash. Though it may work fine in real world applicatons if you still hold it wrong it doesnt to me thats a flaw and feel this is going to get ugly before it gets better. Now let me make this clear I said no thanks to my iphone 4 to many issues that shouldnt be there with this 4.0 os.

  • Obviously?

  • Wefwefwef

    Then why the fuck are you bothering reading the post and replying to it ?

  • BM

    The boys over at iPhone Hacks (along with a few others) claim that Apple has ordered Qualcomm CDMA Chips for a Verizon iPhone ( This new code is probably for the CDMA version of the iphone rumored to be released in January 2011.

  • Mrmozart


  • Brad

    Seriously, does anyone have antenna issues here? I am with Bell and no matter how I try to decrease the signal I can get it to drop 1 bar at the most, even after 2minutes.

    HOWEVER, this phone is lightning fast, GPS is more accurate, web browsing is faster than my DSL connection, etc.. etc.. etc..

    Anyone that holds back for this phone reads too many Android fan posts, or Gizmodo, this is being blown way out of proportion. This phone is incredible… Not too crazy about the glass back even if it looks good.

  • Anonymous

    i had 1 bar as well then my phone was deemed defective and they gave me a factory refreshed one (even though its most likely new they claim since its too new to have refurb). that one has problems. i can easily get it down. the degredation is clear as day.doesnt bother me though.

  • roadcarver

    Or could break MORE features. Its Apple.

  • Guest

    I’ve heard from a source that Apple is revising the antenna problem and releasing an updated iPhone 4 early 2011. Take from this what you will.

  • I can get the bars to drop, but NO reception issues what so ever

  • iPhone4crazy

    My bars may not go down but it’s all about the speed. Search YouTube for speed test.

  • After the initial success of iPhone Apple has been busy introducing a whole set of new series of iPhone. Anyway, it is always something that people are on the look for, and is always welcomed. Just waiting for the new one on the block to get a clean chit.

  • Adam

    Interesting indeed since there’s a huge shortage of iPhone 4’s in Canada it comes a sno suprise I saw this coming, and especially since Apple has coyfully tried to dney any issues with the iPhone 4

  • Brad

    Did you try the speed test, or just watch it? I tried it with the app, and there is no difference, I get 5 mbs download.

    I also just tried the death grip right now at work where I get 3 bars. After 2 minutes of the death grip, I drop to two bars, a 1 bar drop.

    The reception issue, for me, is not present. It is by far the best phone I owned or played with.

    My 2 cents

  • Yeah. I think that will walk hand n hand with the white iPhone when they release it.

  • Kairu

    Gotta love iProds. You can listen to music while prodding people/cows/anything with it.