New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ad Slams iPhone 6 as Copycat [VIDEO]



Samsung has continued its assault on Apple with another negative ad campaign, this time saying the new iPhone 6 is basically a copycat of the larger screens from the Galaxy Note series.

Check out the video description from the newest Note 4 ad uploaded to YouTube:

Galaxy Note 4 — Then And Now

Samsung Mobile invented the large display genre, but The Next Big Thing is about more than just size. As the rest of the world catches up to the “not everyone wants a tiny screen” thing, the Galaxy Note 4 is more productive, more innovative and more fun than ever.

Earlier this week, Samsung released a series of ads mocking Apple’s iPhone 6, Apple Watch and livestream failure.

Keep it real, Samsung.


  • Dave

    Samsung is really getting desperate.

  • Guest

    Must be scared sh*tless by Apple for them to have all these attack ads. LOL.

  • bbbwww

    Just sad…every ad has to feature the word apple just to try and be effective.

  • Stark

    Samsung is not desperate…

  • OliChabot

    Altough they are not able to clearly get their point out, it is true that some years ago, Steve Jobs clearly backfired at Samsung saying that «what people need is not bigger screens» and that you need a screen that you can use with one hand. With the iPhone 5, they said we needed taller but not larger, because we still need to get our thumb all accross the screen. But now with the iPhone 6 there are launching two new phones that both have bigger screens. Don’t get me wrong, I am trhilled to finally be able to get a bigger screen, I just wished Apple would be a little less cavalier and hypocrite and just admit that they were wrong saying that people did not want bigger screens.

  • WatDah

    Why are people doing this? Why do people keep looking back at the past and say “Apple should of did this, should of did that”, “Apple needs to admit they were wrong”. WHY? What were they wrong about? There was not really a need 2 YEARS AGO for a huge screen ON THE IPHONE. And for the LAST 2 YEARS, sale numbers were still high, and records were being broken again and again. So what where they wrong about? Apple NOW sees the need for a bigger screen, and they made the change. They are adapting to CURRENT NEEDS. So what more do you people want???????

  • Julien

    I’m not here to defend Apple… Yes Steve Jobs said that but please stop quoting him when he’s not there to defend his positions anymore….
    With the iPhone 5 they did change the ratio of the screen from 3:2 to the standard 16:9… No one said that anyone needed a taller phone but not a larger one…
    Now you say that Apple is hypocrite ? I don’t see how launching bigger phones is not admitting that they were wrong…
    At least they are listening to the market and not being stuck in the past…

  • Shane

    Samsung is scared…..and they should be

  • Don

    Sadly apple’s genius us not around anymore for new ideas. Result is stagnation and therefore copy cat- ting?

  • Techbuster

    Apple stagnation. Almost all my devices are apple. Thinking of jumping over to Sam.

  • J. W.

    I think Apple deciding to release larger iPhone models is their way of admitting that the market “needs” have changed, despite their previous thumb-reachable-screen design decision.

    Even though I’ve already switched to another phone platform, I’m glad Apple released larger iPhones.

  • MikeOxlong

    Oh how pathetic, scamdung

  • Lisa

    Thou doth protest too much – reeks of desperation

  • OliChabot

    I was refering to Steve Jobs so people know what “era” I am refering. Even tho I am an Apple fan, I think that they are too proud to actually admit that they were wrong and gotta admit that they updated the screen size because people wants it, not because “its revolutioanny and magical”. They are making a big point on how the screen is fantastic and stuff but I gotta with Sansung fanboys and they that well, they have those screens since two years… I would just love Apple to be able to admit that the market has changed and not making this about them being “revolutionnal”

  • Julien

    I see your point 🙂 But what do you want them to say ? Put out a press release saying “We were wrong and Samsung was right” ? They will never do that ! And it’s the same for any company in the world… They will just release products that fit the market they want to have.
    The only thing Tim Cook said about that is that is “We could have done a larger iPhone years ago. It’s never been about just making a larger phone… it’s been about making a better phone in every single way. And so we ship things when they’re ready.”
    It’s definitely not an apology but who cares really ? Is Apple complaining that Samsung is putting fingerprint readers all over their phones by doing negative ads about not intuitive it is to swipe your fingers compared to their Touch ID technology ? No ! (but they should 😛 haha). Why ? Cause they had a long term plan with incorporating their fingerprint readers in the 5s: Apple Pay and Samsung was not aware of it. Do I say that Samsung doesn’t have a long term plan ? Who knows… (but it looks like not that much…)
    What I’m trying to say is that instead of comparing itself to another company, Samsung should focus in showing in their ads the strength of their products: the stylus on the Galaxy Note, the side notification bar on the Note Edge, the waterproofness (is that even a word ?? :D) of the S5 etc… That’s the thing that differentiate them from their competitors.

    And to end my long comment: Apple, though, you cannot say that they can’t apologize: they did it about the iPhone 4 botched antenna design and did it again about the new Maps application in iOS6 (and still kinda paying the price about that one, though it has been improved dramatically in the last two years).

  • sicsicpuppy

    Didn’t know VW campers didn’t have cigarette lighter plugs

  • iFone

    Who cares if Apple is late. The fact is now Apple will offer a phablet and will school Samsung how to sell such phones. Most likely, the first iPhone 6 plus iteration will sell more than all Galaxy Notes combined.

  • Mark Roberts

    I disagree. I sold my iPhone 4 and bought an Android phone for the bigger screen.

  • OliChabot

    Yeah I guess you are right. Samsung do make nice products and everyone has to admit it (the same way everyone has to admit that Apple makes good products too). The worst part of Samsung to me is Android. And one of the best part of Apple to me is iOS. It’s not what a phone can achieve, it’S how it actually interacts with you. Maybe one day Samsung will release a new OS that will be really great and I’ll try it, but for now Android is not for me (tho I am a big Google fan).

  • Patrick Ducharme

    I did too, but now i’m coming back to Apple with a 6 plus

  • Mark Roberts

    As am I.

    There are millions of people whose money Apple has lost out on these past few years due to their refusal to make a bigger phone.

  • Léon

    Yet, they are swimming in so much cash that Samsung and all the rest of the smartphone makers put together cannot equal.

  • 11thIndian

    Ultimately the only thing that matters is what affect this will have on either companies sales. iPhone sales have continued to be strong despite the lack of larger screen-size options over the last few years.

    Was screen-size Samsung’s only measurable advantage? If so, has Apple cut them off at the knees? Samsung can say “me first” all it wants, but if their sales drop over the next year as iPhone sales surge- then it’s all moot. Just as moot as Apple’s arguments over copying were to Samsung’s success.

  • leafstom

    I agree, same tiring slamming campaign, but you can’t deny…. They came out with it first.

  • They did come out with big screens first. But first does not mean best, and Apple clearly wants to be the best, even if they’re late to the market. Look at the iPod and iPhone. They weren’t first but changed the rap game.

  • OliChabot

    It’s not because you have money out of customers and fans that you have to make them wait and not give them what they want. On the short-term, it won’t affect them, but in the long-term, each loyal customer is worth A LOT of money that Apple cannot afford to loose over concurrence.

  • Léon

    It’s never a good business practice to ignore demands of your customers, that’s for sure (which is not what Apple was doing; they are known to have their own schedule and taking their time to do things right when they deem fit and ready for their target market). On the other hand, letting the potential customers’ wants and expectations dictate your business strategy might give you short term success but is a recipe for failure. For instance, people were clamorong for NFC on iPhone ever since Android came out with it (and haven’t achieve very much as of yet) but it took Apple quite some time to finally implement it. They were not ignoring their customers, they wanted to make it work properly, on their own terms. As for Apple not being able to afford to lose customers to competition, Apple is sitting on such a huge hoard of cash that they could afford to take one year vacation and still not go under. It would be stupid and irrational, but they could. And speaking as someone who put his money where his mouth is, I hope they never will 🙂

  • Steve

    That’s because Samsung and other Android phones created that need. Apple is playing catchup when it comes to screen size.

  • Steve

    A lot of Apple fanatics, myself included, were actually making fun of enormously large screen on the Samsung Note when it was first released. Now here we are, buying the same sized big-ass phablet we once made fun of. Lol.

  • Anon

    You can stick an Apple logo on a turd, and it will sell more than all Samsung product lines combined.

  • Adey

    Samsung so hurt. LOL!

  • You couldn’t be more correct…

    …now take my money, Apple!

  • Farids

    Since 2007-2007, all Apple competition have been saying things like that. Calling themselves innovative, the next big thing etc. they may be all the things they call themselves, good for them. Yet, When Apple releases a product, more and more people buy this product and it breaks all previous records(which are set by Apple) for another year till Apple’s next release breaks it again. The “Next Big Thing” may have started larger screens; but Apple is going to demonstrate how it’s done right.