[Update] Next iPhone to Have 64GB Capacity According to Verizon Memo?


Update: As expected, this was a typo:

“this was nothing more than a typo that should have read ’16 and 32g,’”

Rumours of the next iPhone have noted a launch date in September, a dual CDMA/GSM ‘world phone’, and the name of iPhone 4S. The latest rumour comes from This is My Next, as they have received multiple versions of an internal Verizon memo (from reseller Russell Cellular) that refers to upcoming 32 GB and 64 GB capacity iPhones.

Now, it would be the evolutionary step for the next iPhone to increase in capacity. Users have been maxed out at 32 GB so far, and 64 GB would be a nice buffer for users to store more music, HD videos, and apps (stand alone GPS apps can weigh in easily at 1.5 GB).

The memo clearly looks to be a typo. That’s what I’m thinking. However, Apple could definitely introduce higher capacities in the next iPhone for the same price. That’s how their products have traditionally evolved. The current iPod touch 4th generation sports a Toshiba 64 GB NAND flash memory chip–all Apple has to do is make room for this in their next iPhone.

What capacity is your iPhone? How much storage have you actually used? My 32 GB iPhone 4 is barely full, but the extra space is handy for filming HD videos.

[This is my Next, iFixit]


  • Frazer

     Kind of useless for most consumers… I have  32GB and its way too overkill for me and i’m guessing the adverage user

  • Diogonev

    Mine’s 16GB and so is my iPad and I’ve not managed to fill either. But a bump to 32Gb for the same price sounds awesome 🙂 (assuming that 32GB becomes the lowest capacity model)

  •  I always thought 32 was overkill but mine is full now and would love to have 64

  • Anonymous

     I’d like to see them alter the partition percentage and give us more from the 32GB capacity of my current phone. I’ve used just about all of the “system” partition and still have 79.4% available on the “private”. It sure would be nice if I could access that other 79.4% for more Cydia apps or important programs/libraries.

  • Ex

    16 GB, used 5 GB

  • Sparky

    32 gb of which I’ve used about 14-15 gb. 850 photos and 41 videos. 98 apps most of which I don’t use often. I have been too lazy to put more music on my phone. I have 324 songs on it.

    64 gb would be nice but isn’t essential for me. 32 gb and 64 gb seem logical to me. Or even 16, 32, 64.

  • Bspence

    My 32GB has about 200mb left on it. I could use the extra space.

  • MrAnonymous

    Only 64GB?  I have the 32GB version filled to the max with 10GB of apps, 10GB of MP3’s and 16GB of 720P HD videos.  64GB isn’t enough for my purposes.  They really need to come out with a 128GB version.

  • Asdflkjhasdflkjasdf

     Mine is 32GB and used 98% of it 😀

  • Calliope

     8 gig 3GS. It’s very limiting, I’ll have you know. 🙁 I have like 0.6 GB left. Let me upgrade in September, Rogers. PLEASE. (I’d be happy with a 32, seriously.)