Nokia Commerical Targets the iPhone 5 for Its Lack of Colour [VIDEO]


When you’re the world’s largest company by stock valuation and a smartphone leader, everyone wants to take you down. We’ve seen it from Samsung and now Nokia has thrown their hat into the ring. Their latest commercial depicts animated dark characters lining up for the iPhone 5, but only come to life when they get a taste of the new Nokia Lumia.

Check it out below and let me know what you think. It was released to Nokia’s YouTube channel for German viewers:

Effective commercial to make you want to switch?

[WMPowerUser via The Verge]


  • gs

    Or you could buy a case for your iPhone. They come in lots of colours.

  • What an ugly phone

  • Ian

    Cool video but I was disappointed when the ultimate image was a yellow monstrosity. I love colour but very few want a banana phone.

  • FragilityG4

    Cool commercial but if Nokias only selling point is that their plastic casing is coloured than I know why they’re facing the problems they’re facing these days.

  • Dr. AL

    I find colours distracting and annoying on a phone when I physically using the thing. I haven’t even managed to like the white iPhone much. I like black for a phone, and yellow would be just annoying. I would rather see Nokia, push features of a black lumina 920. It’s gotta do something different than an iPhone. Feel free to make fun of iPhone users, I actually like it, but push features not colours.

  • WJ

    Nokia phones are ugly, either with or without colours.

  • Coluch

    That was… like a weird art piece. Long slow shots… depressing visuals and music. It’s like they are flipping the 1984 script against Apple, which is interesting. It’s a nice visual language, but not a very good commercial.

    When the story turns and we are supposed to get excited for “COLOUR”, the music is twangy and old sounding (read: not cool / aggressive / pop / iconic enough). Similarly, the visuals don’t pick up, or flip into a more positive mode really. Sure there is some colour, but the landscape is still dominated by dark, and the ‘camera movement’ is still slow and uninteresting.

    I’m not convinced that Nokia paid for this. If they did, they certainly aren’t stealing any Apple customers with this ad. They should probably look at finding a new marketing team, or agency, or both.

  • Coluch

    I should add that I think the Lumia devices look great, have a smooth stylish interface, and have an inherent “cool” factor in their body design. It’s unfortunate that this spot does absolutely nothing to convince me of that.

  • Dude008

    Ohhhh gawd! Who cares!

  • Jonathan W.

    Funny….I was considering the Lumia 920, but only in matte black =)

  • Danada

    Colour? Gasp! Ooh ooh ooh oooh. Thats the commercial? They need a better advertising department.

  • Prailor

    colors can be nice, i prefer the black my self, or the carbon fiber look, but if an iphone user wanted colour theres millions of (stick on or ) cases out there. i often just use the invisible shield on mine

  • Cormang

    I guess the new iPods are ugly too…