OpenMedia Launches Petition to Support Greater Wireless Options in Canada


OpenMedia has launched a petition to provide Canadians with greater wireless options. Big telecoms are using legal loopholes in order to try and block customers from using affordable alternatives to their wireless networks.

Rogers and Bell have been battling to try and stop new affordable cell provider Sugar Mobile, which offers plans that cost as little as $19 per month, from offering their services to Canadians. The large Canadian wireless providers want to ensure that customers have no choice aside from their expensive services.

In Canada, the ‘Big Three’ (Rogers, Bell and Telus) control approximately 90 percent of the mobile market. These carriers are forcing us to pay some of the highest wireless rates in the world. OpenMedia’s petitions wants to stop these large telecoms from killing the few affordable options we have.

OpenMedia’s petition will be submitted to the CTRC on March 17. You can sign the petition from this link and tell the CRTC: “Do not cave to Big Telecom’s demands. Stop these giants from blocking innovative and affordable MVNO providers.”


  • FragilityG4

    Ironically there’s a Chatr mobile advertisement under this article when I read it!

  • Kinda disappointing with the open media link.
    I signed the petition, then it bought me to another page asking me for money.

  • runner

    Why is that wrong? You are not obligated to donate. They are an organization, they rely on donations.

  • I just found it kinda funny that we’re signing a petition because most people pay too much, then we get asked for money lol

    I understand things like this need funding, I suppose I just felt it was in poor taste. It’s just my personal opinion, I’m sure many won’t agree with me 🙂