PayPal Offers 10% Off iTunes Codes; Get 12 Months Apple Music for 25% Off


For today only, PayPal has 10% off iTunes codes, available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. While the 10% off savings isn’t a big deal (it’s the regular price at Costco stores), there’s an offer to get Apple Music for one year at the price of $90.

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If you purchase a $100 iTunes code from PayPal, it will only cost you $90 after the 10% off. But according to iPhone in Canada reader @PatBouchard, PayPal will ask if you want to then purchase 12 months of Apple Music for $99. You can then apply your $100 iTunes code (which you paid $90 for), which means you just saved 25% off ($30) the annual price of Apple Music.

Back in September, Apple Stores started selling 12 month Apple Music gift cards for $99.

According to PayPal, the offer is “only available from December 14, 2016 (12:00 AM EST) to December 14, 2016 (11:59 PM EST). Let us know if the Apple Music offer works for you.


  • Guest

    You should add a direct link to the 10% off page. I went to and I didn’t see the 10% off and so Paypal was going to charge me the full amount.

    Other than that, keep up the good work letting people know about the discounts.

  • We forgot to add the link–thanks!

  • morrispe

    Ooops. I was charged the full $100 on the iTunes code purchase but I did get the $99 discount on a year of Apple Music so still a partial savings. I see you’ve added the direct link for the 10% discount now.

  • Albemarle

    Worked great. I got a year of Apple Music for $90 Canadian. It was at the end they offered the year of Apple Music, but all good. Thanks

  • MAUL

    Worked!! I always get the discounted iTunes cards at Costco (when 20% off) and use them for Apple Music so this is pretty sweet!!

  • Salinger

    I don’t understand how this is 25% off? You’re paying $90 for something that costs $99. So, you’re saving $9. which is 9%, not 25%

  • Patrick Bouchard

    It’s 25% because like the article says, after you redeem your code, it will ask if you want to use it as iTunes credit or to purchase a year of Apple Music for $99 of it. Since a year of Apple Music at normal price is $120, and you just got it for $90, it’s 25% off. I’m guessing that this only happens when you purchase the $100 option. I should also clarify that it’s iTunes that asks the question, not PayPal, it happens once you’ve redeemed your code.

  • Salinger

    When you want to subscribe to Apple Music, you can either pay by the month @ $10 per month, or you can buy a one year subscription for $99. That $99 is available any time from Apple, it’s not exclusive to this PayPal promotion.

    So all you’re saving is $9. You’re paying $90 for a 12 month prepaid subscription that normally costs $99.

  • Nice! My Apple Music subscription is now paid until the end of December, 2017!

    Last time I tried this with a PayPal deal it didn’t work, and I got a $99 credit on my iTunes account instead. This time it worked out though. Thanks!