PayPal Mobile Payments Being Piloted at Jimmy’s Coffee in Toronto


PayPal Canada has teamed up with Toronto-based TouchBistro’s point of sale technology to offer a new mobile payment solution at coffee shops and restaurants. One of the first pilot locations include select Jimmy’s Coffee shops in Toronto:

PayPal is now piloting their cloud-based check-in technology with TouchBistro at select locations in Toronto. Using the PayPal mobile app, customers can check-in to these cafés or restaurants and pay using their PayPal account. When a customer checks-in with the PayPal mobile app, their name and profile picture shows up at the point of sale – making it easy for restaurant staff to identify customers, greet them by name and process their payment a lot faster than accepting cash or cards.

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The TouchBistro iPad point of sale system coupled with the PayPal mobile payment system has enabled Jimmy’s Coffee to accept payments faster over mobile compared to traditional cash and credit cards.

When customers check-in with their PayPal mobile app, their profile shows up on the iPad POS so they can be greeted by name and improve customer service.

Click here to download PayPal–it’s free. Let us know if you have tried paying with PayPal before at Jimmy’s Coffee or other merchants before.


  • Chrome262

    There are actually 5 or 6 places that are using it right now, if you count Ebay inc new offices downtown. I haven’t tried it yet but a coworker went to jimmy’s loves it. He said its great they know its you call you by name and you order and you are done. In fact he said you can actually order while other people are at the cash.