Loblaws’ PC Plus Points No Longer Can Be Redeemed for Gift Cards, Wireless and More


Loblaws has changed how PC Plus members can redeem their points, “due to recent fraudulent activities relating to gift cards,” says the company in an update to their iOS app today.

Starting May 11, 2017, PC points will no longer be applicable towards the purchase of gift cards, prepaid card products, as well as wireless and long distance phone cards.

Back in February, PC Plus reset all customer passwords after member points were stolen. The company said the cause was most likely related to weak passwords and also passwords “exposed through third party websites”.

Currently, a minimum of 20,000 PC points can currently be redeemed for $20 in free rewards, but now that appears to no longer be applicable to gift cards and more.


  • aRhyno

    One of the reasons I choose to collect pc points was to buy gift cards… they lose profits if people buy gift cards. It’s just an excuse to ban it. F*ckers

  • ddkkpp

    this is all i use PC points for as well. ah well. time to find a new credit card soon.

  • Chad

    I said the same thing – Now I have 300,000 pc points
    Going to use a different card and get rewards in a different way.