Pebble to Shut Down as Fitbit Acquires Key Assets Only


Last week it was rumoured Fitbit was set to acquire smartwatch maker Pebble, and now the deal has become official as expected.


In an email to customers, Pebble explained the following:

Fitbit has agreed to acquire key Pebble assets. Due to various factors, Pebble can no longer operate as an independent entity, and we have made the tough decision to shut down the company. The deal finalized today preserves as much of Pebble as possible.

Pebble is ceasing all hardware operations. We are no longer manufacturing, promoting, or selling any new products. Active Pebble models in the wild will continue to work.

Making Awesome Happen will live on at Fitbit. Much of our team and resources will join Fitbit to deliver new “moments of awesome” in future Fitbit products, developer tools, and experiences. As our transition progresses, we’ll have exciting new stories to tell and milestones to celebrate.

In essence, Pebble will stop promoting, making and selling their devices, which will continue to work as normal. The company says “No immediate changes to the Pebble user experience will happen at this time.”

Pebble details on their company blog “functionality or service quality may be reduced in the future,” which basically translates to your smartwatch is going to soon lack support and updates.

Pebble says warranty support is also no longer available, but returns completed before December 7, 2016 will be refunded by their support team.

Kickstarter backers who have not received their smartwatch will receive a refund to their credit cards in 4-8 weeks.

Earlier this morning, Bloomberg reported the deal excluded Pebble’s hardware, as Fitbit was only interested in software engineers, testers, plus intellectual property. The price of the acquisition is said to be less than $40 million, which falls in line with previous reports.

Pebble stock owned by employees are worthless as part of the deal, as money will head to debt holders, main investors, and refunds, say unnamed sources. Meanwhile, CEO Eric Migicovsky is said to rejoin Y Combinator as a partner.

According to TechCrunch last week, Pebble could have cashed out early, as sources claim watchmaker Citizen wanted to offer the latter $740 million in 2015, while Intel offered $70 million prior to the launch of Pebble 2. Canadian CEO Eric Migicovsky declined both offers. The Fitbit offer is “barely covering their debts,” claimed Pebble sources.

The wearables market has struggled this year, with Fitbit stock falling 73 per cent this year alone. Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Watch sales in their first week of holiday sales set a new record, countering an IDC report sales had dipped over 71 per cent year-over-year.

Hindsight is 20/20, and nobody saw this coming during the height of Pebble’s popularity. We experienced the original Pebble and its successor, but ditched both when Apple Watch launched. The news sucks for existing Pebble users as eventually support and updates will be phased out.

Anyone out there still rocking a Pebble smartwatch?


  • Chrome262

    Glad I never bought one, figured they would never have the app presence other companies had.

  • aaloo

    i have no interest in fitbit. They don’t support apple’s health app and I hate having my data no available in one place.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I bought a Pebble Time a long time ago… I enjoyed it…
    I’ve decided not to buy the new Pebble… and went to Apple Watch. I’m glad I did this now!

  • Raul Companioni

    I own a pebble time. I personally don’t care about apps on a smartwatch. I care about telling me the time, with always on screen, and getting my notifications. Also the awesome battery life. Hopefully it will continue to work for a year or two more and I will still be happy.

  • Z S

    I owned both the original Pebble and the first Pebble Time. They were great devices… but I’m glad I jumped ship for the Apple Watch S2. This has got to be a kick in the teeth for Time 2 backers.

    I was a little frustrated that the watch was frequently selling for much cheaper in retail stores than for Kickstarter backers… and I wanted the features that the Apple Watch provided (Siri, Apple Pay, rich notifications). Still, though, I’ll miss the Pebble.

  • Stephen

    Have been sporting the Pebble Time and love it. I just bought a Pebble around for my wife for Christmas, but I’ll be sadly returning it.
    I thought my Christmas shopping was done. Sucks.

  • I just bought a Pebble Time, does this mean it has no warranty at all despite it being brand new? ????