Apple’s Phil Schiller Talks About HomePod Delays; Says Face ID Competitors “Stink”


Apple executive Phil Schiller recently gave an interview to Dutch publication, and spoke about a variety of topics such as iPhone X, HomePod and more.

When asked about Apple’s declaration at its September keynote about iPhone X being ‘the smartphone dictating the next ten years’, Schiller said that comment was directed at Apple alone.

“Oh, I’m thinking only of us. If we pick the right things and they work as expected, they end up influencing the whole sector. Because when we do things really good, others like to copy us”, he chuckles.

When asked about early facial recognition competitors, Schiller said “they all stink,” adding “They don’t work in all the ways we need Face ID to work,” referring to how the new authentication system ties into iPhone features while remaining secure and maintaining user privacy.

Schiller iphone x

Schiller also said Apple wants to create a VR extension on macOS at some point, so VR content creators can use a Mac. But for now, AR “is a technology that has incredible broad mainstream applications and can have the potential to change almost every major software category that exists,” which is why ARKit is allowing Apple and its developers to lead the charge.

As for the HomePod delay, Schiller said “We feel bad we aren’t able to deliver Homepod for the holidays. We’re going to take the time to do it right and make sure it’s great when it comes out. We need more time to make it right.”

Schiller says HomePod got its name as “a little hommage to iPod” and the speaker itself is about music first, but also will act as a Home hub for HomeKit too. HomePod plays music over Wi-Fi and not Bluetooth (like Sonos), so music streams from the cloud and not from your iOS or Mac.

When asked about Apple’s Think Different campaign after twenty years and whether it needs an update, Schiller responded AirPods are a good example of the company’s philosophy, saying they’re “quintessential Apple”, because it “took an incredible amount of technology” to achieve, saying “they’re really two separate computers that you put in your ear.” Some customers, Schiller notes, “call it their favorite Apple product of all time.”

Click here to read the interview with Phil Schiller in its entirety.

[via MacRumors]


  • FragilityG4

    I’ve had my iPhone X for and few days now and I can say that Face ID has exceeded my expectations! It really is insanity fast and accurate. It is a perfect replacement to Touch ID, which I do not miss in the slightest.

  • Finally eh! Enjoy it.

  • FragilityG4

    Thanks! Hard not to enjoy!

  • YakoTaco

    I feel like I went back 4 years, to a pre-touch id iPhone. Turned off fid – way to slow for me and inconvenient. Also laggy when misses positive id and brings up passcode screen. Nice phone, but fid not ready.

  • Flash

    You must be a troll cause I don’t even notice that I have FID it’s that quick. Quit being a fool.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Face ID works much more reliably and quickly than touch ID worked for me.

  • FragilityG4

    Sure you did ? Face ID is so fast I worry with Apple Pay because the transaction is usually done before I check the price!

  • Jack

    you’re the one off dude, maybe Fandroid with an ugly muck on your face, no wonder it didn’t work for you, you have to have iPhone X for it, not a Samsung. You got your phones mixed up.

  • Sylvain

    Face ID works amazing for me and much faster and easier than when I used Touch ID. I can comment on it because I actually own an iPhone X unlike some who just comment for the sake of bringing controversial comments.

    My issue is that I love Apple, but I can’t stand people like Phill Schiller. He’s like a 5 year old brat that can’t do no wrong and everyone else is an idiot. Wow, almost sounded like I was describing someone else… ??

  • DP

    Loosing Touch ID for Face ID was one of the biggest concerns I had about getting the iPhone X… it’s been a really nice surprise how well it works and how I forget it’s even there until the end of the day when I might have a blanket covering half my face in bed.

    AirPods are my favorite apple product of all time though. So agree with that statement for sure!

  • YakoTaco

    It must be my ugly face – multiscans for final approval.