Popcorn Time is the ‘Netflix for Torrents’ and Now Supports AirPlay [u]


Popcorn Time is a torrent streaming service that has a library of movies and TV shows for users to stream on the web and its legality is questionable at best. The service was once shut down by Hollywood but it returned and now proudly boasts the “service will never be taken down.”

Popcorn time 730x4101

According to The Next Web, Popcorn Time’s latest version for Windows now supports AirPlay for streaming to an Apple TV from your computer, while the Mac version will gain support for this shortly. The service already supports Google’s Chromecast.

Update: The Popcorn Time team tells Torrent Freak an iOS app is coming soon for jailbroken devices:

“Support for iOS devices will be ready in August. It’s already working in our development environment and it’s looking beautiful,” the team notes.

Of course, use the service at your own risk as it’s highly questionable since you’re viewing movies and TV shows in an unauthorized manner. But the point is to bring up how the app now supports Apple’s AirPlay feature.

This post was for educational purposes only—we do not support piracy in any way, shape or form and are not responsible for your actions.



  • Tom

    But…. Isn’t uploading / sharing movies that you are supposed to pay for illegal in Canada? Cf. Tek savvy customers a large Hurt Locker?

    That’s the only reason why I haven’t used it yet, otherwise I’d use this. Do t want Rogers to send me a letter regarding this.

  • Ket318

    They dismissed something like 90% of the Hurtlocker crap, That was more of a scare tactic/money grab. Look at it as jay walking, Millions of people do it daily when was thelast time you got a ticket for doing it.. You would have to be one unlucky SoB to even get a warning from Rogers

  • Anon

    If you are paranoid, you can always use a private VPN service which will hide your identity.

  • Tom

    I see, I see… I thought Canada ramped up the laws against movie sharing. By your comment looks like it’s still pretty laxed.

  • Steve

    I’ve never received any warnings from shaw, and I’ve been torrenting movies for almost a decade.