RBC Online Banking iPhone App Coming Soon


If you’re an RBC customer and hoping for an iPhone app, you can now expect one soon. RBC has a page dedicated to announcing details of their upcoming mobile banking app for the iPhone (and Blackberry).

Here are some details:

Bank Anywhere, Anytime, On Your Schedule
Soon you’ll be able to bank on your iPhone®1 and BlackBerry®2 Smartphones at your convenience with the RBC® Mobile Banking app. Our apps are designed to be fast, convenient and easy to use to make your life simpler.

Banking Features Include:
Pay bills on the go
Transfer funds over lunch
Check account balances while standing in a grocery line
Use Interac‡ Email Money Transfers(1) (IEMT) to send money to friends and family
Locate branches and ATMs on the go
All with the peace of mind that comes from our RBC Online Security Guarantee

Currently we have the following Canadian online banking apps available:

Update: Other notable banking apps: Desjardins, PC Financial

It’s great news that RBC will finally be added to the mix. Are you an excited for this upcoming app from RBC?

[RBC via @axyprang]


  • Anderson_46

    thats exciting. I call back in the summer and they told me they didnt have one yet but possibly in the future and here it comes.

  • Anonymous

    About time that Canada’s largest bank jumped on the mobile banking scene

  • Pbordeleau

    You should add Desjardins to your list. It even made the top 25 free apps list at one point.

  • Rustybarnacle

    Long time RBC customer and have been looking forward to this!

  • Jerrywiebe

    I wish there was a BMO app…

  • Peter

    Where the F is the BMO app? That bank is always behind all the others.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Kaitlyn


  • Jeremy

    I didn’t know there was a PC Financial app. Is this true? I can’t find it in the App Store.

  • Ldrover

    Been waiting for this one for awhile. Unfortunately, it may be awhile longer. I registered to be notified when the app is available. I was informed that I will be notified by email when it becomes available within the coming months! I even wonder if the app is currently under development or if they are feeling out the interest in it before they begin the work.

  • That would be great. right now i just set it as a web app and that works fine, but it would be nice to have it as a real app.

  • Danny Norton

    Finally! I have been waiting for awhile. I spoke to a few reps who said that RBC was against that due to security concerns. I am glad that they changed their tune as I was thinking of switching banks due to this and many other reasons.

  • Dsmbrad

    Finally, I have been looking forward to this app for awhile.

  • great news! Yeah I do online banking through RBC and they email me about this a while ago already but it’s good to let other people know who don’t online bank like others do.

  • Anonymous


  • Took them long enough. Though their mobile website isn’t bad on the iPhone. I’m glad they are developing an iPhone app 🙂

  • 489477

    What about BMO??? I bank with BMO and I want one with BMO!! Once again BMO is the laggard of the big 5 banks!

  • Tom

    Omg finally I need this so bad

  • guest

    Looks like RBC Mobile is available in the app store now