RBC Promo: Free iPad mini 2 with Opening of Eligible Bank Accounts


RBC has a promo right now where if you sign up for an All-Inclusive bank account you can get a free iPad mini 2. The bank offered a similar promo last April and now it’s back. 

Rbc ipad offer

The two eligible accounts are the:

  • RBC Signature No Limit Banking; $14.95/month fee
  • RBC VIP Banking; $30/month fee

You will be required to setup one of the following before July 15, 2015:

  • Payroll direct deposit or
  • Two preauthorized payments 

The offer is for new RBC clients only and silver 16GB Wi-Fi iPad models will be mailed out 10 weeks after your deposit requirements are met, shipped by Canada Post. 

The fine print says your account needs to be remain open until July 15, 2016. If your account is closed or downgraded prior to that, RBC says they have the right to charge you $329. 

TD is offering a similar promo but up for grabs is an 8-inch Samsung Tab A instead.

If you were going to sign up to one of these bank accounts, it’s a free iPad mini 2 but you’ll be paying monthly fees for it. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. 

[via RBC]


  • chikaraginger

    Seems like a decent deal. $14.95 (probably $30 as you’ll likely need two months) plus a little inconvenience of setting up two pre-auths. Sign up mid-June and cancel in July.

  • Jason Reid

    Need to have accounts open until July 2016.

  • Joe Peplowski

    There it is

  • Salinger

    16GB though. With iOS taken out, that leaves you about what? 10GB? Not much for an iPad. With a few big apps and some media on there for when you’re not able to get online, it’s not much space.

  • fredf1

    Read the article: $329 cancellation fee!

  • Mac

    You think you can squeeze a deal out of a bank’s offer?? muahahahahahaha <– evil laugh

  • Mac

    Or, you can open an account with PCs financial or tangerine and save 30 dollars a month

  • Guest

    Just had a recent episode with RBC. They silently gouged me hundreds of dollars on fees that I never agreed on over the years. Spent hours on the phone trying to reverse it, but they sounded cocky and didn’t care about it. Leaving RBC and will never look back.

  • gerry

    I notice their customer service has declined over the years. Some agents are just plain rude, with a bad attitude. Never less I give it right back to them.

  • chikaraginger

    Open RBC account in June, keep for two months, get iPad. Cancel account. Sell iPad, save $300.

  • chikaraginger

    I guess that means wait until June to open one.

  • chikaraginger

    Only if you cancel before July 16th, though right?

  • Mac

    Did you read the article?

  • July 16, 2016.

  • chikaraginger

    Ouch! So RBC is basically getting you for $180 for an iPad mini that will be 2 years old in 3 months. Banks.

  • chikaraginger

    Ick. That’s scummy. SO not worth it for an iPad mini that’s going to be two years old soon and too small (16gb). I’m sure lots will flock to this offer though.

  • Richard Eng

    I went for the Samsung Tab A at TD. They’re more flexible—after a couple of months, I can “downgrade” the account to one with no fees and keep the tablet. I’m an Android fan, anyway. I’ve owned two Android phones (Nexus S and now OnePlus One). I modded my HP TouchPad (which I got for dirt cheap) with Ice Cream Sandwich and it has been a stellar Android tablet for me. I despise iOS for the financial gouging and walled garden inconvenience I go through to develop software for it—Bad Apple!

  • Bobby Tomorrow

    Not only paying monthly fees but by the time you get it its going to be obsolete and the value decreased significantly. I signed up for this promo in early September 2015, it is now November 25th and I just got off the phone and it will be another 5 weeks before it is even shipped. By the time it gets to me it will have been over 4 month wait, during that time a new model has come out and accessories for this model are getting harder and harder to find. The hoops they make you jump through are ridiculous.

  • Gary R

    that is so much headache