Rogers iPhone 4 Hardware Upgrade Date Revealed?


We have some news regarding the iPhone 4 from Rogers. Rogers iPhone 4 Hardware Upgrade (HUP) details have been revealed in a placeholder employee training manual. This info is not “final” but take it with a grain of salt as changes will occur closer to the launch date.

Our sources have provided us with the following information and here it is:

Last year, Rogers provided a special iPhone upgrade that gave iPhone 3G owners the chance to upgrade to iPhone 3GS before their normal hardware upgrade eligibility. This year, we’re doing it again – and we’re expanding it to give millions more customers the chance to get an iPhone 4 at a discounted price! Every Rogers customer with a smartphone, quick messaging device, or regular cellphone (purchased on contract before June 7, 2010) is eligible for a discount on a new iPhone 4!

At time of launch, an eligibility tool will be introduced on that allows customers and sales representatives to validate their eligibility for exclusive offers and discounts based on their profile. The link (and all additional HUP information) will be available in Sales Central, so keep an eye out for it!

Usually Rogers/Telus/Bell provide upgrade details at the very last minute and this time around it’s no different. According to the above, if you purchased a cellphone on contract prior to June 7, 2010 you’ll be eligible for an iPhone 4. Most likely your subsidy will be determined by how many years you are into your contract.

Here are a couple interesting FAQ’s from the Rogers Employee training manual:

When will Rogers announce any pricing for iPhone 4?
Rogers will likely be announcing pricing for iPhone closer to the Canadian launch date. You can register on to receive e-mail updates.

Will Rogers be taking pre-orders online or through Rogers Customer Support?
No. Rogers will not be taking pre-orders online or through our Customer Support centre before launch.

I’ve already received word from another source that changes are coming tomorrow. This is going to be an exciting week as we find out the final details (Notice how the graphic above isn’t even an iPhone 4?!).

Thanks to Anonymous for sending this in!


  • Simon

    One Question: Can Rogers customers purchase the Iphone 4 through on July 30th? Or will all stock be solely located at the various stores (Apple store, Rogers, Best Buy…)?

  • Woody

    I just got my 3GS in early April. I want the 4G BAD!!!!!!!

  • Gfh

    lovely.cant wait

  • Belimse

    I purchased a smartphone on March; but I changed the plan and my contract extended till June 19th 2013. Do you think I am eligible for Rogers iphone 4 upgrade?

  • Moody

    Why dont you think or ask somebody for advice when u decide to buy it. Usually Apple release new iPhone every summer..

  • DaMan05

    what the hell kind of messed up iphone is in the pic there lol?? those corners are more rounded than any iPhone ever. OMG ITS THE IPHONE 5!

  • Jay

    Hope the same goes for Fido. My last HUP was for the 3G launch.

  • Nice. Then this should be for Fido too!!!

  • Jake

    It doesn't run on a 4G network, it's just called the iPhone 4 but still runs on 3G.

  • Zilly

    Im really starting to lose hope of Saktel getting the iPhone. I just knewwwwwwwww it was to good to be true.

  • owais

    This is old news. I posted thee details 3 days ago on July 22nd in response to the thread: Virgin Mobile Posts iPhone 4 Information Page”.

    The only thing I am not sure about is if the price will infact be the same for everyone (including new subscribers and all of us rogers customers who want to upgrade to the new iphone 4). Originally I was told be my source at Rogers that the price will be the same for everyone but since then I have spoken to afew more ppl and Im beuing told that although everyone will be allowed to upgrade, the price for the upgrade will be different for each person based on when you got your last Hardware Upgrade, how long is your contract for, and how much annual revenue you give Rogers on your wireless account.

    The speculative prices for new customers on the 3 yr contract are as follows:

    iPhone 4 16GB $ 199
    iPhone 4 32GB $ 299

    I got my 8GB 3G phone just over a yr ago but my revenue is pretty low according to thair grid since I am on the $ 17.50 EPP plan. They dont count my data plan or revenue from all the other service I have from them (Rogers High Speed Express + VIP Cable + Home Phone) to calculate my total revenue for some reason. My combined bill comes to well over $ 200/month. I just hope I dont have to pay any more then $199 for the 16GB phone.

    Goodluck everyone!

  • Fastwalking

    Somewhat irrelevant as there is no 4G network in Canada yet. And it may be a long time before there is – Rogers announced at their last annual meeting that they are shelving their 4G program for now. Better hope the Bell/Telus group is still working on it.

  • Ddisoul

    i think so since the says anybody with a purchase before june 7 2010…but the price wont probably be the same as a new client or a upgrading customer…this is what i think….and been talkingto a rep on the phone too..said that since im a good source of revenu for them for 12 years i should get the best price its gonna be different for eachone of us

  • Denis Boisvert

    No thanks for the Iphone 4 for me. Even the nice design and interesting features, I prefered to buy a second Iphone two weeks ago, 3gs, because I don't have to put a cover or anything because of the connectivity issue. Over that, I am plenty satisfy with the 3gs, include all the features I need. And, by the way, is it true that the bottoms volums on Iphone 4 are inverse?

  • Jr123456

    Sounds like someone is trying to convince them self that they are happy with the 3GS.
    You'll be okay man!

  • AppleFly

    We are getting an updated Version!!! lol

  • Helvetica

    I doubt it. Last year Rogers allowed customers who bought a 3G the year before to upgrade to the 3GS for $199 and extending the contract one year. Fido only gave a $100 credit plus your Fido dollars. I expect something similar.

  • Helvetica

    No it's not true, the buttons are in the same order. Personally, I don't understand your choice but I am glad you're happy. BTW, have you noticed since the 4.0.1 update you can reproduce the attenuation issue with the 3GS if in a weak area (like by Lake Ontario). I could never do it before, but I can now use the death grip and force it to lose 2 bars. I have done this on two phones, so I know it wasn't just one defective unit.

  • Helvetica

    Not likely. Remember last year when Fido customers got a $100 credit for upgrading and Rogers customers got it for $199.

  • markajaw

    There was somebody who commented on another post and mentioned this and the June 7th date. Hats off to them.

  • Kingstonguy

    Really can't wait for this. I will be just over 24 months in this Friday, my 3G is painfully slow now.
    I hope for people like me we can get promotional pricing. I also pray that come lunch time they will have some 32gb left when I can get out to lunch from work.

  • een

    Hey gang.

    What's with Bell.
    Do they EVER offer any sort of deal?
    Seems they don't.
    I'm just over 2 years into a 3 year on my HTC Touch.
    Would LOVE to upgrade to iP4


  • Guest

    Ya its iPhone 4 not iPhone 4G

  • Leopard Mac Man

    Looks like the shape of Blackberry 9000 and the listening part also.

  • Woody

    I realize that it is still the 3G network….I just mean I want the 4th generation iPhone.

  • Dman

    I really hope Bell has the same early upgrade promotion as Rogers. That would be pretty CRAPPY if they don't, so hears hoping. I got my 3GS last November, so If Bell *hopefully* honours the same promotion, I will be good to go. Anyone know how long the upgrade promotion would last? How long did Rogers give 3G owners the opportunity to upgrade to the 3GS, a couple weeks, few months……?

  • Don't expect any 32gb, that iPhone is delayed and might be until December till it is released to any country. You are stuck with black 16gb versions only.

  • Dman

    Yeah they never seem to, but hopefully with Apple will put enough pressure on them to let people upgrade not to mention they will piss off present iPhone users such as you and myself, why re-new my contract when I can go to Rogers and actually be entittled to latest phones.

  • Simon

    Does anyone have an answer to this? There doesn't seem to be much information about purchasing the Iphone 4 online. I understand that there would be no pre-ordering at this point, but can a person buy it online as of July 30th?

  • That's not correct at all. It's the WHITE iPhone, 16GB and 32GB that has been delayed. BOTH models (16GB and 32GB) of the BLACK iPhone 4 will be available as you'd expect.

  • Dman

    I'm guessing your with Rogers, Rogers offers smartphone upgrades when a customer has had there contract for 2 or more years, so of course you will get promotional pricing.

  • Colem

    Yes, you will be able to purchase it commitment free and unlocked at July 30th. Maybe a pre order could start tomorrow if apple desires.

  • funk

    i called bell and the lady said i would have a $600 upgrade option. my contract has run out last month. she said providing i keep a data plan for 3 years. if i cancel the data plan then some calculation is determined to show that i will owe some money towards the iphone 4

  • Denis Boisvert

    Thw reason for me to stick with Iphone 3gs. First, I go to United States a couple times a year, and wanted to use my actual sim card, without change for a micro sim card. Second, Il use a USB stick modem, which is build for regular sim card. And finally, I also use a MINI-ROUTER, and I must use my USB stick to run it properly.

  • Carl

    You know why? Because people were only one year into their contract. Jay was saying the last time he used his HUP was in 2008 which is the same time I did it. We WILL be able to upgrade at thee 199 price from 2008.

  • Carl

    I'm considering going to Best Buy at 6:30 am (or London Drugs if they have it). Does anyone know what the line up is like at that time for stores in Abbotsford, BC? Also how does this work… do you pay in store or do they credit it to your account if you go to a store and get it? I also assume you can go to London Drugs or Best Buy for Fido.

  • No i didnt know that. Oh well 100 bucks is fine with me too.

  • Corey

    hey guys just a quick question i got the iphone 3g 8gb last christmas so i have only had my 3yr contract for 8 months now but i have rogers home phone rogers cable and rogers a couple rogers cell phones do you think i will get a good deal on the iphone 4? thanks guys

  • Colem

    Were the rumoured promo to be occurring with a good price, yes, details soon.

  • PhayZer

    Well just called Rogers customer service, ask if i was eligible to update to the new iphone friday, told me i would be able to upgrade but right now they dont have prices for the phones, so i asked could i upgrade to a blackberry then and they told me no since i dont have my phone for 24 months so i was like ok so how come i can get the new iphone and they said they doing a promotion for the iphone.

    So they dont know if its going to be 199$ for new customers but probably so they told me they should have news monday so to call back on friday but u cant order the phone through customer service since july 6th or something like that.

    So hopefully i can get rid of my 3g and get the iphone 4!!!!!

    5 more days!!!

  • Corey

    kk thx man

  • kobe

    hey does anyone know if the $30 6gb data plan would be available on iphone 4 launch?

  • Hyperextension

    I am ready!! Let's hope Apple has some good stock going. Just sold my 3GS on eBay for just over $400.00!! That will take the sting out of buying an unlocked one that is for sure.

    Do you think going to an Apple Store is the best way to get a phone? I want one unlocked, so I suppose that is the only way if I want on launch day. The store I am thinking of opens in the mall at 1000hrs. I am assuming they will be opening earlier, say 0700h or 0800h. I don't know if the mall will let anyone in until the store opens, but I am hoping 0500-0600h will work well for me. I have never purchase an iPhone from the Apple Store, so I am curious about the stock they will have. I can only guess that Apple themselves would have more stock than the carrier stores.

  • Colem

    Stay tuned.. maybe !

  • Colem

    Personally, if Apple online opens a pre order tomorrow or tuesday, I will do that, but Apple store works

  • Nivel

    Who knows? Last year the situation was quite simple: you could be either a new customer or a previous iPhone (or maybe other phone) user. This year there are at least 3 categories: new user, iPhone 3G owner, iPhone 3GS owner (of course the tenure also counts). I am hoping that 3G owners (such as myself 😉 will get a better deal than last year since we've had an iPhone with Fido for up to 2 years.

  • iPhone4crazy

    I love how the service provider isn't even ROGERS lol. Only I would notice that.

  • iPhone4crazy

    Thankfully I bought my previous phones outright. I knew I would rather buy a $400 phone out right than pay $50 and be stuck paying $800 when I switched.

  • Jonathan

    Ex, do you think telus will offer something like this?

  • Hyperextension

    Oh I would love to pre-order and hope it would get to my house on the 30th. Then I could just go to a Rogers store and upgrade my wife's phone. Only need to worry about one account then. I just don't think a preorder is in the works for us from what I have been hearing. One of the reasons they gave me is because they said they only do preorders in the USA. I thought they did a preorder for the iPad in Canada. Oh well. Everyone is so tight lipped about this all.

  • iPhone4crazy

    ^^^ owais ^^^
    in the virgin mobile thread.

  • You can easily downgrade back to iOS 3.1.3 like I did, and had no problems. Read this: How to Downgrade Your iPhone 3G[S] from iOS 4 to iOS 3.1.3

  • Colem

    Big three will absolutely NOT do pre orders! but i mean, its possible apple will, the carriers don't influence apple online store really. Australia has unlocked iPhones. there pre order has not started yet, it might, as they had one the monday before last year. But for us here, its a first, so we really don't know.

  • Ex

    Coming soon.

  • iPhone4crazy

    I heard that too. I called bell and they said iPhone will come sold with 4.0.1, let's hope the jailbreak will work for 4.0.1 when it is released.

  • Dman

    Thats to be expected since your conteract has run out. I just started a contract with Bell back in Novemeber, so I'm wondering if Bell with have the special iPhone upgrade promotion as well. Also does any ROGERS customer know how long the upgrading promotion lasted last year for the 3GS, I may have to wait untill sometime in mid August before I get the iPhone 4.

  • Simon

    But Apple also sells carrier-locked Iphones…Would that suggest if there is a preorder that you could preorder a carrier-locked phone through Apple?

  • Steve-O

    Does anyone know what time I should line-up to be guaranteed one? I don't care if its locked or not. Rogers store is closer for me but would it make more sense to go to the apple store which is more then twice the distance?

  • Colem

    nope.. big nope ! Apple, if any will be unlocked only for pre orders.

  • iPhone 4. I want an iPhone 4.

  • Colem


  • Chad

    Oh, I'm very sorry but we are currently sold out. However, we did finally get some more HTC Evos in.

  • skull

    Whats that? Is it an iPhone?

  • Elducker

    In Montreal here…will all Rogers stores have stock on Friday? There are 4 stores within 5K of here, plus the Apple store. Think I'll hit Rogers.

  • ducker

    yup, in the same boat. will be 24 months at the end of August. Hoping to get rid of my now sloth-like 3G!
    I just may be lining up early on Friday!!

  • Noahattic


  • Sporadik Styles

    I'm on a 2 year old 3G regretfully upgraded to 4.0 which is so sluggish and sometimes safari is almost unusable. Just hurry up already friday!

  • T S R 1994

    If your contract was not made prior to june 7th can you still get the iP4 for a price higher than 200$ like 300$ or 400$???

  • JaSoN72

    Can anyone tell me how the upgrade works ? What I'm wondering is do you need to take your 3GS into the Rogers store the day you get the iPhone 4 or do you send it in later ?

  • Calliope

    Sweet. Guess I can line up on Friday after all. 😛 Not sure what my discount's gonna be like, since mine's a regular phone and I last upgraded 16 months ago. But my bills average at least $100/month if not more and I obviously have no data plan. Hopefully they're in a generous mood on Friday.

  • Normyd

    The 3gs running 4.0.1 boots up faster than the 4, and its only a second or two slower than the 4 running most other apps. I don't see a big difference from a 3gs to a 4. BIG difference from 3g to 3gs yes, and 3g to 4.

  •  Xaroc

    Based on the 3Gs launch results last year, how long do you think it will take before you can walk in to an apple store, and not have to worrie about them being sold out every time? 1 month after launch? 2?

  • Jonathan


  • Vartanarsen

    Im lining up at Pointe Claire Apple around 4 or 5 in the morning

  • Mat

    I went to the Bell store about 3 weeks ago and asked the guy working there if he knew when the pre-orders would start for the iPhone 4. (already knowing that he wouldn't know the answer) He said most probably second week of July which we see now was wrong but I gave him my email address so he could send me information on when the pre-orders were officially going to be available. As it turns out it doesn't look like we are going to see any pre-orders here in Canada but the guy emailed me yesterday saying that the iPhone is coming in on the 30th and that he would hold on to one for me 🙂 Bell just went up in my books.

  • Vartanarsen

    That is 2G my friend

  • Vartanarsen

    Comex, MuscleNerd, and Planet Being are having issues with FaceTime, so they are delaying the release of JB/Unlock……
    This is the reason i so want the official unlocked…..I do not want to always be at the mercy of Dev Team.

    OH BTW, did you all know that Planet Being is CANADIAN??

  • Sjf

    Maybe he wants to fuck you

  • DaMan05

    Ummm no. I had one for 2 years. I know what it looks like. It's corners are not that rounded. That doesn't look like any iPhone.

  •  Xaroc

    Maybe thats one of the China knock offs and the Rogers rep was so green he snapped the picture anyways lol

  • Elducker

    I'm thinking the Rogers on Sources….hoping it'll be quieter.

  • krayzed

    ahaha, most probably

  • Tyler

    Also eagerly awaiting the answer to this. I really hope the answer is yes…

  • Junk3124

    I asked the sasktel rep the other day about that, she said if they do it will probably be not until September.

  • iPhone4crazy

    Didn’t know that but it doesn’t surprise me, Canadians rule!

  • J-Money

    You made me lawl.

  • owais

    iPhone4crazy: Thank you for giving me credit. If find anything else ill be sure to give an update.

    markajaw: hats off to you as well for keeping up with all threads 🙂

  • elhiayla

    I also heard from Telus, my Carrier that tomorrow they are launching the system.
    Stay TUNED

  • Whiterhino

    I guess the question is, How bad does he want an Iphone 4? Maybe if he is willing to switch teams he could get a white one.

  • kobe

    i am going to best buy in vancouver to get an iphone 4 and the store opens at 10 am how early do you guys think i should go? i was planning on being there at 4 am do u think that is too early or it should be ok?

  • David

    I have the iPhone 3G, and i'm going to upgrade to the new iphone 4
    if i want to upgrade my phone, do i have to give them my iphone or can i keep it

  • Ex

    You keep your iPhone 3G.

  • as EX said, when doing a upgrade you never have to give your phone back, IT'S YOUR PHONE. Unless you wanna be give it to your friendly rogers rep..

  • Noahattic

    that's not good….. i'm 4 years into the contract with fido. in my first 2 years, i had a $25 talk plan and then when i upgraded to iphone 3g… i switched to the $17.50 killer offer +$25 data plan+$10 caller id & voicemail + SAF+etc….. i'm paying a lot & they don't count those revenue? it doesn't sound good…..

    i think i better call them tomorrow…………….good luck for me!

  • Guest

    Hey Ex, I have a few questions. I am only one year into my contract with Rogers, will they allow me to upgrade to the Iphone 4 early? If I buy my Iphone 4 unlocked from Apple, will they give me a microsim?

  • Ex

    To the first question, 80% yes, but stay tuned.

    To the second question, yes, for free.

  • JimRodger

    That is correct. No more hardware upgrades through customer service for a few weeks now.

  • Guest

    same day

  • F.Der

    In Laval here. Hoping to get my hands on one at Carrefour Laval. Or else I'll try Fairview or Downtown.

  • websnap

    No, that was a leaked add for iPhone 4 accessories – which was a given since that stuff is like a third of their store now. This email is one of the FIRST OFFICIAL released indications outside of Apple that publicly claimed products stock on the July 30th date. Rogers, Telus still have coming soon on their site and they haven’t sent out emails yet. I’d still say this is notable since it labels all of the canadian carriers.

  • Guest

    Last question, if I receive the microsim from Apple, how would I activate it? Thanks a lot!

  • websnap

    Telus Sask will get it on launch-day, Sasktel, not till January. Better than Manitoba. We’re the only Telus that won’t get it. I’ll be switching to Rogers on friday.

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  • iPhone4crazy

    I give credit where credit is due, plus I bet everyone posting to that thread will feel pretty stupid for saying you're wrong. =P

  • iPhone4crazy

    Like Ex said you don't need to trade your phone to upgrade, you keep the 3GS. But if you want you can give me your 3GS.

  • Mc

    When I upgrade will I have to take a new plan or will I be able to keep my old one and just add 3 years? I have an awesome plan now (that no longer exists) and don't want to loose it.

  • Vartanarsen

    they are all made in china dude LOL!!

  • Mc

    Rogers plan

  • arturo

    OMG!!! I just got an email from Bestbuy saying this:
    “Best Buy Mobile is thrilled to announce that the iPhone 4 will be available in our stores July 30th, on your choice of carrier!
    As with all our devices we will be offering the full Walk Out Working service including transferring data from your old phone to your new iPhone 4, setting up your email and pairing your iPhone 4 to your Bluetooth device, all for free! If you don’t have a Bluetooth device we will happily recommend the device that will work best with your new phone.
    Plus, as an added bonus, Reward Zone members will receive bonus 2500 points when you activate the iPhone 4 on any network.
    We will also be carrying a wide assortment of stylish accessories (especially cases!) for your iPhone 4 which will be available in-store and online very soon. Come back soon for details.
    To learn all about the cool new features of the iPhone 4 including FaceTime, multitasking, HD video recording and Retina display”

  • Apple man

    It's like an iPhone, but better.

  • Jake

    Did you just learn this now? They talked about this like 2 days ago.

  • arturo

    Yes I did. I don't think I saw this news anywhere! I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Ex

    Apple will activate it for you upon your request.

  • owais

    Mc: you can kee your existing plan as long if you want. BTW its 3 yrs from the day you sign up not 3 yrs for the end of the current contract. The only think is that you will need to get a data plan also to get the discounts price or you will be paying a lot more.

    Even if you dont plan on using data it is worth it sometimes to take it b/c if you cancel your data plan after 1 month the penalties are only $ 100. so in all including your first month service fee is around $ 140. The additional discount on the phone if you get the data plan is usually $ 250-$ 300.


  • owais

    Calliope: You will definately qualify for the upgrade. If you currently have a regualr phone on a 3 yr term then you qualify to upgrade every 12 months (to another regular or smart phone).The only think is that you will need to get a data plan also to get the discounted price or you will be paying a lot more.

    Even if you dont plan on using data it is worth it sometimes to take it b/c if you cancel your data plan after 1 month the penalties are only $ 100. so in all including your first month service fee is around $ 140. The additional discount on the phone if you get the data plan is usually $ 250-$ 300.



    you shouldnt lose your plan. I have had the iPhone since it came to Canada and my plan hasnt changed. Next year will be the issue when or if they release a new iPhone cause my 6gig data plan expires 2011

  • owais

    no you cant. but if you only bought your iphone in the last 30 days then you can certainly return it to an apple store and when iphone 4 comes out this friday you can get one then i guess (?).

    Or you can sell your iphone with the contract plan to someone else (you will lose your existing number by doing this) — and then sign a new term with any carrier of your choice with a new number.

    If you like your current number then you can selloff the old iphone and get a new one from apple or rogers at full regular price.


  • owais

    Sporadik Styles: Or if you want apple to fix it for you then call them up and explain your issues and they will replace it with an identical refurbished unit for free.

    My iphone 3G 8GB was out of warranty by 28 days and after upgrading to iOS4 my wifi started acting up and the battery would constantly get drained out an was slow too. They asked me to go and pick up a replacement at their store. They do however make sure that you didnt damage your phone due to negligence such as liquid damage or other major damage like cracks or nroken screen etc.


  • owais

    It doesnt look good. I dont think we should expect any new information from apple today regarding the iphone 4.

    Apparently they havent released any info in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore yet and since australia is almost 14 hours ahead of us (i think) chances are there will be no new info for Canada either today.

    Maybe something tomorrow?

    Goodluck everyone!

  • Colem

    Apple issued a press release officially announcing the international launch today.

  • Heep74

    What would be the better chance of getting the phone on Launch Day, Apple Store or Rogers Plus store?

    Provided you are currently a Rogers customer 1.9 years in on a 3 year contract with a Blackberry Bold?

  • Colem

    Apple Stores get thousands, rogers are lucky to get ten lol

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  • N M

    Maybe BP did the graphics. 🙂

  • Chrome262

    Using the apple store app from the states i set up an appointment for the 2nd of Aug, don't know if they will have phones there or not, because its just a general appointment for iphones. I will call them and see if they can set some aside. if there is no pre-order i think its the best bet, if you don't want to wait in line.

  • Jeff

    You should probably check the Apple PR! Already been announced.

  • Calliope

    Yeah, I will definitely get a data plan. They might as well be iPod Touches if you don't get one. 🙂

    I know that I'll qualify, I just wasn't sure if I'll qualify for the full discount (ie. will I pay $300 for the 32GB one, or more?) Hopefully, I can find out before I line up at Apple Friday.

    Thanks for all the info!

  • Anyone else here think this is 100% fake? All other employee communications that we've been shown has been in a much different format and hasn't had a fake picture of the iPhone on it. Plus, June 7, 2010? Wtf is that about? They'll at least make it 1 year upgrade, not 2 month.
    This is fake.

  • owais

    Jeff: I dont see what new information they gave us on the PR. They just handed out to the press what was already announced by Jobs on July 16th.

    We know the date of the launch already. what we need is the pricing with and without commitment and we need plan informations from the carriers.

    I dont think we should expect any “new” information till tomorrow.

    Goodluck everyone!

  • Just got off the phone with my local Rogers store, he said that Apple store will ONLY be selling them locked, that I can not go there for an upgrade. 🙁

    BTW, have a neighbour who is interested in buying my old 3G, but he's with Bell. What do I have to do to unlock my G3 for him to be able to use it on the Bell network? And, then, is it going to be an ongoing issue for him every time there is a software upgrade? He's not very technical so not sure if he would be able to handle that…. Thanks!

  • Oppss! That should be “UNLOCKED”, duh, I blame Monday morning. 😉

  • Ex


    Please do not listen to anything a Rogers/Bell/Virgin/Fido/Telus rep says.
    Apple will be selling unlocked iPhones and locked iPhones for

  • Great! That's awesome news, I guess I'll be lining up at the Eaton Centre Apple store then. 🙂

  • Yes. But there is real, and then there is the cheap fake models 😛

  • Yes. But there is real, and then there is the cheap fake models 😛

  • owais

    correction: You can only get the unlocked iPhone 4 at apples online store. They will only carry the locked phones in store for hardware upgrade and new signups for all the authorized carriers.

  • Yeah, that was a typo! See my reply below…blaming Monday morning! 😉

  • Ex

    Correction: The Apple Retail Store carries both locked and unlocked iPhone
    3GS and iPhone 4 in store. The Apple Canada Online store also sells
    unlocked, outright iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

  • owais

    Colem: The Press Release does not give any information we didnt already have from Jobs Press Conference on July 16th.

    I guess they are really slow at getting internal memos at Apple camp. Or possibily they are using a 3G with iOS4? 😉

  • I just called Rogers and this is exactly what I was told. Anyone who upgraded last before June 7th is eligible since that was the announcement date. Major reflief for me!

  • I just confirmed it with a Rogers rep on the phone 🙂

  • Adrian

    to:alex sebenski

    its not fake. Rogers just confirmed that if you have not upgraded prior to June 7th 2010, you will be able to get an iPhone 4. Pricing and specific eligibility details are not available yet. However. the rep confirmed that it would be based on multiple factors such as revenue since last HUP, tenure as a rogers client, etc. Revenue since last HUP is the biggest driver however. I assume they will have certain tiers of pricing based on total revenue since last HUP. At least that would be the fairest way to go about things.

  • Frankx

    Just like you were adamant they would announce the iphone on the 16th?

  • Apple confirmed the date on the 16th, didn't they?
    Come on. Look at it man. I could have photoshopped that. Look at the other internal communications from Rogers. They don't look like this. This was made by a 15 year old kid who typoed the year.

    Rogers internal communication about microsims:
    Rogers internal communications about employees getting iPhone 4 training:

  • This is from a .PDF internal Rogers document. It's 100% real. Any Rogers employee can verify this.

  • Ex

    Believe it or not, these are real.

  • Heep74

    So the Apple Store can set up a Hardware Upgrade with Rogers as well I'm assuming.

  • TheB

    OK. so when did the 3GS come out last year. It was after June 7th, right? so that would mean the 3GS people will not qualify for the upgrade, right?

  • Jordan

    So since Rogers hasn't said anything about if they'll get any Iphone4's on the 30th, should I go out of my way and line up very early at the apple store across town?

  •  Xaroc

    If apple gets them I'm sure Rogers will too

  • Guest

    I need the one with the bigger geebes.

  • Jimmy

    What do you think is better, buying an unlocked iphone and choosing your carrier or upgrading your iphone, staying on contract for another 3 years?

  • Colem

    Oh man… you may think signing is cheaper, therfore apparently better? NO ! When you walk outa that Apple Store with your unlocked phone freedom will just be amazing, plus you can cancel, change carriers or plans when you want. The carrier must perform for you cause your unlocked. Dont like one? leave! and when you travel, pop in a sim and enjoy cheap calling rates that will make you see how much we get ripped off.

  • +1

  • Magrat22

    This ad has got to be fake..why would Rogers use the wrong type of iPhone and it's on the O2-UK network!! Seriously this looks like some trolls idea of a joke.

  • Laura

    talked to a rep at a rogers kiosk today and she said they are getting it for sure 100%…they just dont know the prices yet…she said it will probably be released thursday, or the morning of the launch

  • Jonathan

    Ex or Gary

    Do you know when the local telus stores will open on the iphone 4 launch day?

  • Ex

    They usually open regular time. But some will open an hour or two early.

  • They might differ, call them.

  • Ryan Sturge

    from what has been said on radio and tv stations the iphone 4 in canada will not be locked in to one singel provider there for a jail break will not be necessary

  • Jordan

    ya the guy who i talked to at the rogers plus said that they will be getting less than 20 units coming in and that i should line up at 6AM. So if I could offer any advice, (im in Calgary) go to best buy because apparently they will be getting more units than Rogers and you only have to line up at 9AM.

  • Ipunnyguy

    I just got off the phone with a Rogers rep who told me that I would not be able to upgrade to the 4 because I upgraded in June of 09. She also said there are no plans for changing the upgrade rules for the release of the iPhone 4. Could be a load of crap from a rep that doesn’t know what she is talking about but still, thought I would report my experience.

  • Steve

    For the iphone 3g it was only $50 more if you didn't get a data plan as long as you signed a three year voice plan.

  • Ex

    It's $200 more without a data plan.

  • I heard the same thing with the exception that I could probably upgrade in August ( when there are none left).

  • Iphunnyguy

    They said you could upgrade at a promotional price in August?

  • Yes. No firm details. He just said to wait to upgrade a few weeks.

  • Geekthemighty

    I got my iPhone on January 4, 2009 – the Rogers tool says I have to buy at full price, no discount. When I phoned in, the customer rep told me the same thing, that I'd have to wait until January 2011 – wtf?

  • Jordan

    Does anybody know what time rogers stores will be opening on Friday?