Rogers LTE Network Goes Live in St. John’s [MAP]


In continuing its expansion of their growing LTE network, Rogers has announced the high speed network has gone live today in St. John’s, Newfoundland, as announced on the Rogers Redboard. Rogers is the first carrier to launch LTE in Newfoundland. Network coverage maps are now live on the Rogers LTE website:

“We are proud to be the first carrier to bring our LTE network to St. John’s,” said John Boynton, Rogers Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “With Rogers LTE wireless network coverage, customers have access to speeds similar to broadband connections, making it easier for people to use their mobile devices to download apps, stream HD videos and music or play on-line games, with virtually no delays or buffering.”

Earlier this year, Rogers announced its LTE network will reach 20 million Canadians by the end of 2012. Rivals Bell and Telus have also joined together to launch a rival LTE network, that went live earlier this month.


  • Zippo

    Too bad they can’t be bothered to bothered with the rest of our province. On the outskirts of the city and beyond, it’s nothing but intermittent 2G EDGE, and only goes as far as Clarenville. After that, you’re boned. Even within the city, Rogers’ reception is spotty.

    Meanwhile, TELUS and Bell have 21mbit HSPA+ across the whole province. 42mbit in St. John’s.I switched to Rogers when the iPhone 3G first came out. I was more than happy to fork out the cancellation fee when the iPhone 4 came out and switched to TELUS.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah that’s one big difference I noticed between Roger’s and its competition, shotty coverage in many provinces. 

  • Montrealj514

    Rogers coverage in the St. John’s area, and throughout the rest of the province is absymal. There is hardly any coverage in Mount Pearl, Paradise and CBS.