Rogers One Number Launching Mid-December


Rogers will be launching an interesting an innovative service later this month. Dubbed Rogers One, the service allows customers to use their existing Rogers wireless number to text, email, and talk from a computer. A summary of the full feature list includes:

  • Text and Talk from your personal computer using your wireless number
  • Manage emails and text messages all from a secure, personalized website. For the moment it looks as if you can only use the service to sync Yahoo! and Gmail email accounts
  • Access your call history and voicemail messages from any devices in one place
  • Control one contact list that is always in sync between your wireless phone and computer
  • Seamlessly switch calls between your computer and your wireless phone without missing a word
  • Call any Canadian number using your computer from anywhere in the world for FREE

Rogers One will also allow you to chose how someone can reach you. If someones calls your wireless number, it will be possible to have one or all of your devices ring. That include home phones, other wireless devices, and your computer.

The set up process is a little tricky. It involves downloading a Mobile Client app to your computer (Mac or PC) and verifying your mobile device with a PIN code. You’ll also need a Rogers online account.

The service is still listed as beta, but looks very promising. Registration is now open, so go check it out and let us know if it works for you. While you’re at, there’s a neat video posted to the Rogers One site that further explains some of the features.

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting move by Rogers… seems kind of useless to though. I’ve got iCloud to do a lot of that stuff already. And why would I want to talk or text anyone from my computer? Using it for traveling would be good I guess… by Skype usually does the job just fine for that.

  • Anonymous

    Google Voice?

  • canit

    actually tried it and it connects to your cell phone number…so you don’t need to be logged into skype/google to get or make a call, and your friends just need to have your phone number. also, when you speak on your computer, you save on your minutes. texting is 100 times easier on your computer.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean fido will be getting this service as well?

  • How are they planning to monetize it? Cause you know they are.

  • Jp_sim

    Not sure about iCloud, but this service does lot more than what this blog is saying.

  • Joe

    They aren’t…

  • Justin Cantelon

    I tried it, got my account all setup and they sent me a text to download an app so that i can save my contacts on there or something, but the download never worked. Contacted support and they said iPhone 4s is not supported by Rogers One Number.

  • On iphone 4 – got o the point where it needs to sync contacts or whatever and sends a text to your phone to download rogers one number mobile app and it says “error – wifi detected”.. tried disabling wifi but still get the error!

  • Sean Is

    would this work on an ipad?

  • Anonymous

    I use mightytext on my Galaxy to text when I’m on my PC, it’s a Chrome extension. Personally I hate typing on a phone, it’s inefficient and rather annoying to have to pick up a device to type when I’m already on the computer doing the same thing. It’s a time saver and convenient. I don’t think I’d use the phone feature though.

  • Anonymous

    Good move by Rogers here, a provider that will allow you to eventually integrate everything into one seems like a smart idea to me. It’s not for everyone, but those that would make use of it will be glad it’s here. I already have something similar for texting and love it.

  • Just signed up. Kinda cool. Though it keeps disconnecting on me with a message that I am logged onto another computer. (I have only logged in to one computer but since it’s Rogers One Number, you would think multiple computers wouldn’t be a problem.)
    The free calls thing is kinda nice.It sadly doesn’t work on the iPad  but if Rogers is on the ball they would be developing an iOS app for it! You can log in modify your address book and send texts but you can’t call anyone.

  • GG191

    I’m getting the error message too, thought turning the phone off would work but didn’t help. How do you get it to ring on your phone AND your computer? Can you choose between the two. My computer would ring until I put my iPhone into airplane mode….Any idea??  PS, the video shows it working on the iPad, so I guess it’s coming when out of beta.

  • GG191

    sorry, meant to say…”My computer WOULDN’T ring, until I put my iPhone into airplane mode”

  • Anonymous

    quite the beta right now. keeps asking me if i changed my number and other such errors…

  • Tristan Clausen

    Me too. Won’t let me log in. Says I still need to register. Then I click register, and it tells me “it looks like you already registered”… how useful of a service.

  • Cjlee9

    Same thing here….sheesh

  • Same here…!

  • Lejes

    Wow!  You can do email on computers now!

    And you can make phone calls using a computer?!?  Rogers is clearly a technological genius!!

  • Deckking

    Just tested and it works well!  the only problem is when people reply my text msg, I can’t get it either on cell or on computer……….

  • Sb

    I have tried the service over the last 24 hours and love how you can send sms from desktop, make calls and then when you want to move to your cell you can move the call. I do all this as if I am on my cell. Awesome. Have not tried out my email but cant wait to integrate that as well

  • SteveHiggs

    Did you end up finding a solution to the “logged onto another computer” message? I suspect this is beta related but it sure makes the product completely useless for me. Can’t stay logged in for more than 2 minutes or so before it kicks me off again. Worst part is that kinda sets up this uneasy feeling about trusting that it won’t drop calls in the future.

  • Akshdeep101

    So I tried this on my 4S. Downloaded the desktop client for my mac but nothing works. Also how do I sync contacts that are on my phone if those contacts are on my iCloud?

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  • Joe

    They say tablet apps are ‘coming soon’

  • swickens

    I’ve been using this service since the day it was launched. I kind of hate to admit it, but Rogers finally did something right!

    This is the perfect utility for those of us who live (or work) in an area where cell signal is spotty. I live in a basement apartment where I have a 50/50 chance of having signal, and it was incredibly frustrating to have to resort to that crummy Magic Jack service just to avoid having an overpriced landline.

    And yea, Skype is great – for outgoing calls. Not being able to get a Canadian number through Skype leaves a lot to be desired. And the call quality of Skype can be iffy sometimes.

    The One Number texting service seems to be a bit on the spotty side. If I don’t have signal (and the sender doesn’t have an iPhone for iMessages), then I sometimes get the messages on the app & I sometimes don’t – I haven’t been able to figure out a rhyme or reason for this.

    It’s incredibly convenient now that it’s just one number that people can reach me at. I haven’t had a single problem with call quality, no calls have dropped, and I can hear people clearer over this service than when I talk to people on my cellphone with full signal strength. It’ll be awesome when they come out with the iPhone app – I won’t have to stay tied to my computer just to have a conversation with someone when I’m at home!

  • Bills

    I was with rogers since 1996, have 4 accounts (whole family). Their service becoming worse and worse. Last year I had a few problems with overcharging, over billing, network problems, charges for text mssgs while I have text included in my plan. I’ve spent hours on the phone with rogers tech, billing, other “specialists” – it feels like it’s bunch of idiots that can’t or don’t want to find a problem, instead they bouncing calls between tech, iphone, billing,  supervisor, etc. then you have to wait days and call again to see if problem fixed (more often – not). First few days of 2012 New Year and another problem. I’ve noticed that in first couple days of my billing cycle most of my minutes included in plan are gone. Again after 25 min on the phone they informed me that there’s nothing can be done or checked until next billing cycle.  I feel that they will hit me with another $200 for “extras”. It’s obvious – they can’t gent new customers because their plans suck – so they decided to rip off existing (and loyal for many years)  customers. Can’t wait when my contract with rogers ends in a few month – this will be the last day I deal with them. People – whatever you do – DO NOT get into any contract with these crooks – ROGERS SUCKS, it’s the WORST company on the market!!!

  • Hi every

    Edit: sorry for the duplicate, I got over-excited 🙂

  • Hi everyone, 
    In case you missed the info, Rogers One Number is now out of beta. 
    You may sign up at the same address, given in this article.

  • Guest

    lol I am sure u have no clue as to what this product is

  • Yeah, I don’t see myself lugging my laptop overseas all too often; a tablet version is welcome whenever they get around to it 🙂