Rogers Releases iPhone 4 Launch Update


Update 1: Similar Fido image added as well.

The iPhone 4 launched yesterday in the USA, France, Germany, the UK, and Japan. Reception issues have dominated Internet headlines and even Apple’s response has been questionable.

What about the iPhone 4 in Canada? When can we expect to see the iPhone? We know that Rogers, Telus, and Bell will be carrying the iPhone 4–but when? Apple stated “late July” during the 2010 WWDC Keynote, but with news of shortages worldwide, that launch might be further delayed.

Rogers Responds With an iPhone 4 Update: We Have Nothing to Say; Stop Calling Us

Rogers sent out an email update on the iPhone 4. Essentially they have nothing to report on availability and pricing and they are urging people to NOT call them to ask for updates.

Canadians will continue to wait patiently for the iPhone 4. Maybe waiting isn’t so bad given the multitude of issues current iPhone 4 users are experiencing. The second batch of iPhones could be improved and that will benefit us all.

Here’s an image of the email below, via @drakeshipaway:

…and here’s one from Fido:

We need to start an iPhone 4 Launch Pool. Who’s in? My guess is still July 23/30 for the launch. What’s yours?


  • VenezAvecMoi

    It’s good that it didn’t launch in Canada earlier on, is what I think – a blessing in disguise, if you may. At first, I was sceptical about the antenna “problems” because I thought AT&T’s network is pitiful to say the least. Turns out, a lot of my mates in the UK are having similar problems on, what I believe to be a very solid O2 network. I am quickly realising that it sounds like a hardware problem and I, for one, will keep myself away from this particular release. I’d like to hold my iPhone properly – not in some mental way as this poor chap is holding:

    My tuppence worth!

  • Alexandre Marcotte
  • “iPhone 4 will be available by the end of July in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, …”

  • M Chan

    Got this email too… Thats what i got out of it…. Pretty much

    “We still don't know when its coming… leave us alone!”

  • Since when did Apple say “late July”?

  • mackman6151

    could be in and aroundthe launch time of the white iphone 4….

  • Would love to see it before or on the 23rd of July but I think there's slim chance in that happening.

  • rorypiper

    Ha. Nice. “We don't have it. Don't know when it's coming. Stop calling us.”

    My bet is on mid-August. Specifically, August 13th. 🙂

  • Rmnarian

    i work for Future Shop, and we got notification that we might get it on July 28th

  • rorypiper

    WWDC keynote, Steve said “…in July we're shipping to18 more…” Canada was included in the 18. There was no mention of “late”.

  • andre

    I don't mind the delay if it means they will fix the issues they are having with it.

  • I think with all theses supposed manufacturing flaws/defects/errors and the demand the iPhone 4 has had that we'll see it later than July… I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst

  • Any knowledge about whether it might be unlocked or not?

  • Alsarraf M

    Fido is sending the same email also

  • Alsarraf M

    Fido is sending the same email also

  • By 'Got notification' do you mean some manager at the store was taking a guess, or was there some sort of FutureShop head-office memo?

  • I'm glad you posted this, Gary. I was going to, but my comments would have been full of anger, bitterness, and sarcasm. So I took a deep breath, and went back to watching iPhone 4 videos on YouTube.

    I don't think there is a company on earth that sends out more “nothing to announce” announcements.

  • Draz

    Locked to the network you are purchasing it from is for sure, as with any phone you buy from any network (not sure about the new guys)

    Buying it from Apple directly will be unlocked for sure

  • i find this e-mail sent by Rogers funny….it's like…thanks for signing up for iPhone 4 news, we have nothing …. thanks for your money and time… :P….honestly….

  • Rukk

    No, all iPhone 4 in Canada are going to be factory unlocked.

  • Draz

    Hopefully we get news this coming week or the following week for a mid or even late July launch.

    Because given the timing on when it was announced (June 7th) and when it was launched (June 23rd-24th) then that would mean the time is right for news next week or the following!

  • AG

    Yes, please clarify this 'notification'….also, was it before or after the U.S. launch delays?

  • AG

    Yes, please clarify this 'notification'….also, was it before or after the U.S. launch delays?

  • Matt K

    Uh, no. Any sold through carriers are locked. End of debate.

  • Matt K

    I think we will see the iPhone 4 in July, however I think they will be very limited supplies as Apple plays catch-up everywhere else. Either way, I would expect lots of waiting-list orders.

  • Ex

    Only iPhones purchased without contract, full price will be unlocked.

  • :(


  • Draz

    Except the ones you get from the carriers. It would be no different than currently playing $500 for a new smartphone without contract no? The phone is still locked to the network you bought it from…..

    Only Apple will sell the unlocked ones.

  • Haha, the best anti-Rogers comments are always the best when they are
    coming from a Rogers fan! 😉

  • Jason

    I say within the first two weeks of August just in time for back to school in Canada.

  • Kiwi

    My Exact thoughts too! Rogers are arsehats – they are trying to ride the Apple/Iphone publicity. Unfortunately Bell and Telus havent done much to offer any competition. I'm buying directly from apple time round.

  • kiwi

    get your facts straight

  • Bigsmokejoey

    When ever Apple gives a release date in advance (in this case 'July'), it's always at the end of the month.
    I think the U.S. shortages will push the international release date beck into some time mid-August, at least two weeks behind.

  • inotel54

    22 July !! trust me 🙂

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  • Thanks for bringing this up.

    I've been saying “late July” all along because that's what Apple said.

  • Happy

    Ahhhh Rogers, taking some customer service cues from Steve Jobs now eh?

    Customer: 'Can I give you my money please?'
    Rogers: 'Shut up! Did I say you could talk?!'

  • Twistedsista61

    I was in an Apple store in Detroit the day be the release and we asked the guy if he heard anything about the Canadian release date and he said they told him October because of some issues. Hope he is wrong!

  • ImaPC

    Antennae is a non-issue for me. I already have a bumper case on it's way off eBay for a couple bucks since naked iPhones are a bit slippery for me anyway. Worse comes to worst you can get a tiny piece of clear automotive paint protection film to bridge the gap between the two antennae and it will be practically invisible.

    Not an ideal solution but hardly enough to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  • James00

    Gary…what makes u think that a “second batch” will happen?

    I think that's bull

  • Craz

    Just wait for the iPhone 4F next year. (iPhone 4 Fixed). This is brutal. I was looking forward to getting the iPhone 4. Glad it wasn't released here Thursday or I'd be stuck with a factory broken phone…

  • AG

    It says BY the end of July….not “late July”….. “BY THE END OF JULY” could mean tomorrow, even though we know it won't be tomorrow, it still doesn't mean late July, it means nothing…….get your facts straight.

  • You just wait and see.

  • ROFL!!! 😀 Yes, exactly.

  • Chris

    blah blah blah… it's coming. Relax people, life will be ok.

  • Ex


  • Noahattic

    after seeing those flaws and errors, i don't really care if it comes late to us anymore. i just hope they can fix everything before shipping to us….

    basically, i 'm not going to buy the damn bumper!!

  • So basically, none of you really know anything? You know, you are allowed to say that 😉

  • Luca

    ya honestly ya im kinda mad but who cares i rather have an iphone later with no problems than now with problems and has to be fixed but cant cuz they already have a shortage on phones so its a good thing “good thing happen to people who wait ” lol

  • Luca

    ya exactly it was just july not late july if anything it was suppose to come out in early july but with the shortages and problems it got delayed to end of july i read that it should come out on the 27th or 28th dont remember

  • Philosopha_king

    I just spoke to a Telus rep at the booth (really friendly guy) and he told me they recieved an internal memo saying that the launch is delayed to sometime in August due to the Antenna issue.

    He also said Apple has recalled the phones for the second batch but not the original batch sold in the initial launch.

    I don't mind waiting as long as the phone comes out without the antenna issue. I'm not gonna put a stupid case on it and make it ugly and I also want full data speed regardless of how I hold the thing.

  • Ex

    There is no internal memo.
    He just wants to sound important.