Samsung Galaxy Note vs the iPhone ‘Street Challenge’ [VIDEO]


Samsung heavily promoted their new Galaxy Note smartphone (or is it a mini tablet?!) prior to and after the Super Bowl, with various ads poking fun at iPhone users. A recent ad on their YouTube channel showcased a ‘Street Challenge’ to demonstrate the awesome ‘groundbreaking’ S-Pen (it’s a stylus) pitted against other smartphones, such as the iPhone:

We gave Android™ users just a few hours to play with the new Samsung Galaxy Note™. Then we hit the streets to see how other smartphone users stacked up against the Note’s groundbreaking S-Pen in some simple challenges. This is what happened…

Check out the video below. The iPhone user is flabbergasted by the ‘incredible’ abilities of the Galaxy Note, and keeps repeating ‘my phone can’t do that!’:

Well played Samsung, well played. This really, really makes me want a stylus for my iPhone–not.

[via iClarified]


  • Dizzleskill

    this is one pointless challenge its like putting up bill gates vs. a bum on the street to see whats easier to use windows 7 or ios. of course the bum on the street has never used a computer just like the woman has never used an iphone, lets just say windows 7 looks like the most amazing  user friendly os ever built.

  • Anonymous

    I like the previous Samsung ads better. This one does showcase the new features. They could have done wihout the iPhone user though. Pretty sure if they had given her the Samsung, she still wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything.

  • Ruhndmc

    So the dude on the left had been introduced to the phone a long time ago for sure. Set that guy up against Gary Ng with his iPhone and lets see what happens. Actually this is a great idea! You should shoot a video of that happening.
    And to the new galaxy….

  • Grandmasterflash

    This is indeed so pointless! And I will speak to the 3 challenge in the video.

    Challenge 1) PCs don’t have stylus’ either. But they will use a photoshop app with the mouse they are given and do just that. That doesn’t mean the PC sucks. Just like that, iPhones can do just that with a finger and the right app. Why isn’t there an app right now to do that? Because nobody has needed to do that on a phone!

    Challenge 2) Are you kidding me with the map? iPhone and it’s google map can drop pins to locations you would like to travel to. Then proceed to map right point (or even away from that point) with car, bus or walking directions! Take a screen shot and send. Most iPhone users know this already. This challenge actually shows how Samsumg hasn’t done research on their competition.

    3) There are lots of PowerPoint apps that edit. Enough said.

    I’ll bet you if they found me on the street, they wouldnt air that interview! lol Samsung do your research on your competition before you make entire commercials. This is only about creating a gotcha factor with unsuspecting people. This is hardly well played!

  • Anonymous

    The girl just doesn’t know how to use ANY phone

  • Grandmasterflash

    Another thing: Here’s a real challenge for large screen users. We all quickly run into a store and grab milk, bread, eggs and orange juice and out the door. How does a large phone user (such as Note or Galaxy) using just one hand (the other hand is carrying the goods) check off their grocery list? They can’t cuz they can’t reach the right half of their screens….time for a cart large phone users. 🙂 Phone’s are supposed to be small and mobile and Definitely needs to be completely useable with one hand.

  • iGuy

    You’re all just mad that the new Samsungs are getting better than the iPhone in terms of range of features. So what that it has an optional stylus? It allows for precise input. I challenge any one of you to make a video of you performing the tasks he just did. And in response to the part about how in google maps in iOS you can drop a pin to a location and use directions: that only works in you have internet connectivity. With the Samsungs feature you can draw your own route (for instance if you need to take a detour, or have a planned route to pick people up or whatever) and save it as a screenshot, not requiring internet.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is mad that Samsungs are getting better. I would hope they are, it pushes all of them to get better. Just like every iPhone is better than the previous one.

    If he’s going to email the map I would hope he has internet connectivity.
    There’s no question the Samsungs have a lot going for them. It’s all about preference. But a stylus is definitely not a selling feature for me. Some people like the tablet sized screen, again not for me. I prefer something that I can easily use with one hand. 
    Again just my preference.

  • VJR

    The point of this video is about the girl who does not know how to used smartphone

  • Jduckets11

    That was the lamest demo ever. Who wants to walk around with a psp in there hand using a stylus from the 90’s. Next could Samsung have found a dumber iPhone user. It was like watching a cave man fly a plane. iPhone 4 life

  • Stefanvasiljevic

    I agree! You can do all that with iPhone if you have the right apps like I do.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, with the amount of apps that dude had on his Note, there is NO way he had “just a few hours to play with” it. Dude was either a marketing dude or PR man, especially with the language he was using.


    I played with the Samsung Galaxy Note today at the entrance to the Pacific Centre Mall (Samsung had a booth setup there). No doubt it has a big screen, but too big I must say, and on top of that, Android just sucks. The smooth animations are just not there. You move from screen to screen, and the Android just doesn’t have that wow factor as iOS does. And Stylus..?? come on!! Give me a break.. I had to find where the stylus is and then after using it (and not losing it), you have to look for the hole to put it back it, and also it goes in only one way so that it can lock into place.

    I can definitely accept iPhone screen just a bit bigger, but not as big as Galaxy Note. I am a pretty tall guy and I felt it was not as comfortable to make conversations if you were to hold the phone to your ear. Also, typing can’t be done with one hand on Galaxy Note, as your thumb won’t reach the other end of the screen.

    Of-course the phone looks nice, but still it has that cheap feel to it. I will take iPhone any day over it.

  • Anonymous

    Stupidest girl ever. Period.

  • Kraken

    WTF?  All of that shit can be done on the iPhone, with the proper apps and an * iPhone literate user *.  That chick is totally clueless.   You can Google Map directions and send them via email,  edit photo’s with PhotoGene, edit Power Point Presentations with Docs 2 Go or Keynote.

  • Kraken

    Regarding challenge 1 – That can be done with PhotoGene, which is essentially Photoshop for the iPhone.  I can do much better than what that guy with just my finger in a few mins.

  • Kraken

    Or ArtStudio.  You can do awesome stuff with that app.

  • Gwbush

    WOW, this was almost just as fair as the US elections!

  • Red Star

    Stylus, LMFAO! I haven’t used one of those since my Treo 650! Good one Sammy! ROFDOL!

  • Chrisburke

    This video proves 2 things… They chose the dumbest iPhone user in the world.. And the galaxy is huge and ugly… Good job Samsung… Not

  • Anonymous

    I know most here are iPhone geeks but if you look at it on the whole most iPhone users don’t know much about how to use it to it’s full potential.  This does show that a typical iPhone owner would not know how to do most, if not all, of those things in the ad.  Many of those people that bought iPhones are those who have either switched from a Blackberry or upgraded from a non-smartphone.  These users don’t spend time learning all the features when all they use are the basics.  Call, use the GPS, web browse, SMS, email, etc… – all the “features” shown on the commercial.  Most “professionals” who have switched over are not tech geeks like most of the users who visit a site like this so Samsung is using a smart marketing style to “show” you what you can do with your phone vs the competition.  Every commercial is biased and Apple’s marketing is legendary for getting people to buy their products for that “WOW” factor.  Every commercial you see on TV has some form of “see how my product is better than the other”  This is no different.  Just take a deep breath and choose with your wallet.  Competition is good and if it wasn’t for it I’m sure Apple wouldn’t have released the 4S so soon and now the 5 is on the horizon to keep people locked in.  Like it or not Android keeps Apple on their toes.

  • GrandMasterFlash

    If that same “non-geek” user bought a Note, will they know how to do those challenges any better?