Samsung ‘SwipeIt’ to Debut at CES to Compete with Apple’s AirPlay


According to Amit Kumar, Samsung is set to debut a new wireless feature at CES 2012 called Swipeit, seen as a competitor to Apple’s AirPlay:

On January 9, 2012, Samsung will announce their Apple Airplay competitor – the Samsung SwipeIt – at CES. SwipeIt works exactly like the Apple’s AirPlay. Watching a video on your smartphone and want to see it on the big screen? Just click a button and the video starts playing on your TV.

Samsung started pushing this application out to their internet-connected TVs on Jan 1, and increased the intensity this weekend, presumably to reach full coverage by the time CES hits monday.

Swipeit will only allow Android phone owners stream their videos and photos right to their Samsung Smart TVs. Amit notes Samsung’s Korean website does strangely reference iOS support for Swipeit but nothing has emerged.

The Samsung Remote for iOS already exists so the argument is it wouldn’t take much for Samsung to add support.

John Gruber calls this the “Best name for a Samsung product ever.” Well played Samsung, well played.

[via Daring Fireball]


  • Anonymous

    Yet another unoriginal rip off of apple. I’m beginning to wonder if these people over at samsung even have one original idea of their own.

  • how is that a good name? well might be the best name for a Samsung product, but it comes off like you stolen something. 

  • Gruber was being facetious. 😉

  • montey

    OMG!!! Why does everything have to be a rip off? Only when ur talking about iOS vs. Android do I even hear people talk like this? Did Mr. Ford complain when other people started making cars? And look at what we have today because everybody had an idea of how to make better cars. look at the beautiful flat screen HDTV you have hanging on your wall now think back to the big square cube you had as a child (and if you’re old enough you remember black and white TVs were common) and now with rumors of apple wanting to get into the TV market, does that mean that apple is also copying Samsung, lg, Toshiba, Sony and all the other TV manufactures? I’m pretty sure that this blog (iphoneincanada) wasn’t the first blog to write abt ios and android, would you say they’re rip offs.I personally don’t believe you can steal somebody’s idea. If you use Chicken to make chicken soup how is it a rip off because somebody else used Chicken in their chicken soup? If I’m not mistaken, didn’t apple implement some android and copy some of the jailbreak tweaks into their ios5 software? Apple does it and its ingenuity at best…grow up u apple fan boys with self esteem issues and open your eyes, without Google’s android, we would still be rocking ios2 on our devices.ALL OF US benefit from competition; I actually wish Windows Phone was a viable 3rd option (a 3 way tie with all the companies pushing each other to create the best products)

  • Anonymous

    Now that’s a rant. 🙂

  • montey

    lol…tell me abt it!

  • Wiley374

    I’m so tired of manufacturers at war with one another only to hurt the consumers.. I bought the iPhone 4 because, in my opinion, it was the best phone to suit MY needs. I bought a Samsung TV because it, too, was the best option for me at the time. And all things considered, I still feel like the Samsung was the right choice, but seriously…I cant use the app that Samsung auto installed on my TV because over a year ago I bought the wrong phone?!?! Regardless of whether of not Apple ever does make a TV, I’ll certainly think twice about buying a TV from a company that is also heavily invested in non-compatible mobile technology…especially if this is how the market is going to shape up. I really hope Samsung does the right thing and releases an app for iOS.

  • Daninhd

    There is an app for swipeit. But i couldnt get it to work on my 4S 🙁

  • Nades

    Well, the entire “Airplay” idea and concept was a total rip-off of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standard which has been around since 2006. And guess what? Its an open standard! Apple could have simply adopted it but instead they had to go and release a proprietary version which completely copies DLNA and does exactly the same thing as DLNA without any additional enhancements.