Apple Announces Sept. 7 iPhone Special Event: “See You on the 7th” [u]


It’s official folks: Apple is set to announce its next iPhone on September 7th, as it sent out invites to the press today. The event will take place at 10AM PST at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (via Business Insider), in San Francisco, which has room for 7,000 seats.

The invitation reads “See you on the 7th. Please join us for an invitation-only event,” shown below (take your guesses on what this means!):

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‘iPhone 7’ is said to debut with dual cameras for the Plus model, which could mean even better pictures taken from your phone. The invite looks to show bokeh, a shallow depth of field normally seen from digital SLR cameras–does this mean we have a significant camera upgrade forthcoming?

Apple didn’t confirm whether it will live stream the event, but given the most recent events, you can bet this one will as well. Get your wallets ready, folks. The most recent rumour claimed pre-orders would debut on Friday, September 9th.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported Apple’s special event to unveil ‘iPhone 7’ would happen on September 7th, and we now know that date has come true. Note that this event will coincide with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Neo event, so expect the latter to get overshadowed big time.

We’ve seen numerous ‘leaks’ of the ‘iPhone 7’, which is said to come without a 3.5mm headphone jack as its biggest differentiator compared to its predecessors. Could we also see new MacBooks and Apple Watch 2 as well, or will those announcements be better suited for a separate October event?

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  • Kirk

    And following the normal formula pre-orders will prob be Sept 9th Friday followed by release on the 16th. Yeah?

  • Hopefully, but I have a feeling pre-orders will be the following Friday, just to increase that pre-order inventory. But let’s hop it’s on the 9th!

  • Dany Quirion

    Looking forward to see if Apple will readjust canadian pricing on the iphone… they still using an exchange rate of 1.42.. dollar has been around 1.30 since march.

  • Quattro

    The invite is a blurry Apple logo – because the future for Apple is fuzzy, unless they quit screwing around and falling so far behind their competition.

  • Kirk

    Well there is two ways they can cash on the hype train…guess we will see

  • Quattro

    The price is typically not based solely on the exchange rate. There are usually other costs that are factored in. This time last year the exchange rate was closer to 1.25 so good luck hoping for a cheaper CDN price with a rate of 1.30.

  • Daniel

    Fingers crossed for that awesome Blue iPhone .

  • Tim

    The camera better be incredibly bad*ass or Note 7 here I come. Otherwise there’s no way I’m carrying Apple’s oversized boat of a phone around for another year when there are better (large screens less body/bezels) options out there. I hope Apple takes a huge hit this year and is given some incentive to truly innovate again.

  • Dany Quirion

    Apple is never gonna release new technology just to be first.. apple gonna wait and make it better.

  • Ian

    Wow, I think you need to go buy a Note 7 right away…. and probably need to get a life (while you are there).

    Such angry negativism for a phone… the iPhone is already an amazing piece of technology, as I remember phones from 10 years ago, and they are MILES AHEAD in terms of size, thickness, capabilities, and software etc…

    Get a grip, it’s only a phone… 🙂

  • I’m going to get a BlackBerry!

  • Ian

    Do they still makes phones? Lol

  • Tim

    Almost anyone who finds themselves on an iPhone-centric website is a technology enthusiast. If Ives or Jobs didn’t think passionately about what a phone could be we might all be typing on Nokia or Blackberries still.

    In that vein, we should all hope that Apple’s corporate culture continues to possess the innovative spirit that lead to the first iPhone. I don’t want a phone that looks different for the sake of it. I want a phone that continues to refine itself at the pace of the industry. As an admirer of industrial design and the thought that goes into things, I would like to see Apple taking the risks it once did when Jobs was in charge, rather than focussing on getting the most out of a product cycle for short term financial gain.

    Next year’s iPhone will certainly chop the bezels off the top, bottom and sides of the device, and that will be a tacit admission that this was the direction the public wanted the device to go all along. Samsung is closer than they’ve ever been to producing a product that the public holds to be superior to the iPhone. If they’re given another year to innovate against Apple’s bulky three year old design, people will flee. That’s all I’m saying.

  • Ian

    I think you are missing lots of important factors…. security, ease of use, resale value, applecare, iOS smoothness, etc…. just to name a few.

    Many people around me have Androids, so I see the issues & frustrations they have, and unfortunately you couldn’t pay me to go Android, EVEN if you gave me a phone.

    I do however appreciate your freedom of opinion…. so may your Note 7 have a smaller bezel… I’ll stay with my iPhone and enjoy the benefits of using a (perfect for me) Apple product.

  • Tim

    The Android user experience has trade offs, for sure. I’ve went back and forth, but mostly had iphones. With Android, I love the customization possibilities. I love that the platform isn’t willfully denying that a phablet makes better use of screen real estate by allowing more than just app icons to be seen at a glance. God forbid we allowed people to see the weather at their discretion :).

    However, you are right in that the Apple experience is much smoother in many cases…warranty, resale value, software updates, etc…and if they hit a homerun with the camera (video specifically) I’ll stay because it’s the most important feature for me, but right now Samsung is significantly ahead in that department. As such I’d be willing to take the Android trade-offs (and the physical hardware advantages) of the Note 7 to have that camera.

  • Quattro

    That’s NEVER been Apple’s strategy.

  • Quattro

    Windows phones are better. A whopping 4% of the market! Or is it 0.4%, I can never remember.

  • Quattro

    “…[iPhones] are MILES AHEAD in terms of size, thickness, capabilities, and software etc”

    Holy crap dude. Uninformed much? I don’t care about the Note one way or another, but you are absolutely wrong on every single point. Do some research man!

  • Quattro

    I agree with much of what you have said, but you are incorrect about your assumption as to Samsung’s innovation, quality and especially their place in the market. iPhone accounts for a relatively small percentage of the mobile phone market because people have been jumping ship for a couple of years now (I’m not one of them).

  • Ian

    Buddy, you missed what I was saying, I was saying that the iPhone is MILES AHEAD compared to phones from just a decade ago (10 yrs, in case you don’t know what decade is).

    I don’t need to do any research, I have owned cellular phones from the first day they were introduced to the world.

    The iPhone is only 9 years old, so before that we were using Nokia’s, Motorola’s, Palm Pilot’s and Pocket PC’s… if you are old enough to remember…. Lol

  • FragilityG4

    It hasn’t? So iPod was the first MP3 player? iPhone was the first smartphone? iPad was the first tablet??

  • Quattro

    You need to learn how to place appropriate context in your writing.

    I’ve been using cell phones since the first Motorola flip phone, which I got from CanTel. As to your assertion that you’ve been using cellular phones from the first day they were introduced to the world… You just go ahead and keep telling people that. But look closely and you may see their eyes roll back into their heads.

  • jay

    the price is again a big factor here in canada. with the iphone 6s it looks like they had consulting from samsung how to give up marketshare. better pull it back

  • Quattro

    You need to look at the context of the full discussion. We’re talking about improving existing products. After Apple introduces a product, they try to continue to innovate that product while the rest of the industry tries to catch up. Now, the complete opposite appears to be happening, which is not the Apple strategy of the past.

  • FragilityG4

    What are your examples of them needing to catch up? I see an S7 that was just released that can’t even beat last years iphone in speed. If you’re still groining about bezels that’s your opinion. I don’t personally want edge to edge as I use cases and like a spot on the phone to hold on to that aside from the sides. Don’t be fooled by Samsung’s inflated stats.

  • Quattro

    1. I agree with your opinion about bezels – but that’s just our opinion. Yet, edge to edge beveled glass is what is strongly rumoured to be one of the big features in the 2018 iPhone… several years after Samsung.

    And Samsung is certainly not the only game in town in terms of competition.

    2. Samsung is starting to suffer in market share, and will continue to do so due to more and more competition for Android phones.

    2. iPhone is behind in screen clarity. They are reportedly not going to address that until next year, which puts them even further behind.

    3. iPhone is behind in picture (camera) quality (we’ll see if this latest iteration puts them ahead or just allows them to catch up).

    4. iPhone is becoming over-priced (by double to triple) when compared to newer phone brands that are, according to reports, absolutely incredible – solid, well built, beautiful and fast.

    … Do your own research for more.

    There is a reason that iPhone only averages 15% market share. And with the lackluster improvements of the upcoming model, and speculation that next year will be a compensating year, that average will most likely drop. It’s falling behind in features and functionality, and Apple deliberately “appears” blind about it.

  • FragilityG4

    Rounded edges don’t add anything to the experience. I have a few friends that have the edge and they say the same thing. Looks good, but completely unnecessary.

    iPhone is overpriced? In Canada yes because of the dollar and greedy telecoms but in the US the subsidized price remains.

    Clarity? Can it be clearer perhaps but the majority of people will never notice the difference and let’s face it, designing a phone is about the mass not the few.

    So you still haven’t provided examples of the phone being behind …

  • Quattro

    It annoys me to no end when people don’t read what I post and, instead, just post crap for the sake of argument.

    I already told you that I agree with you about bevelled edges. But, some people like it, and it does have it’s benefits if utilized the way Samsung has.

    I said iPhone is overpriced compared to the competition. I don’t get why you are ranting about Canadian pricing. That’s totally irrelevant to my point.

    This notion that people can’t perceive better clarity has long been proven to be incorrect. People used to think it couldn’t get better than HD TV’s, but clarity between models has improved, regardless of pixels. And, 4K, 5K, and 6K screens aside, they now have HDR TV’s which, apparently are astounding. So don’t argue with that tired BS about people not being able to tell the difference.

    So, yes, I have provided examples. Instead of admitting you are wrong, you are creating irrational and uninformed arguments.

  • FragilityG4

    Don’t start with 4K. It’s a waste on a tv. $199US is too much for an entry level iPhone?

    Rounded bezels are not breaking any barriers. It’s fluff.

    Apple has always waited until the technology is properly developed and useable. Apple Pay by many was “late to the game” but hey how many of those android users on those first NFC devices actually use it for mobile payments? Being first is not always better.

  • apple4life

    I will be waiting in line to be the first one to get the iPhone 7+. I heard rumors, it will cost $1400CAD. Whatever… I gonna swipe my card anyways. Oh btw, I work at BMO…. boo hoo.

  • Quattro

    HOLY CRAP. Are you truly THAT unintelligent.

    You clearly don’t know what is displayed on those rounded bezels. You are completely clueless and therefore should not be arguing about this.

    I’m talking about actual cost. Not cost with a plan. And the entry level phone is worthless due to storage space and is simply available to pretend to have a reasonable price point.

  • jabohn

    Worthless to you perhaps. It’s perfect for many people including my sister and her husband who each bought one. Try to see things from other people’s point of view too man.

  • Quattro

    Yea – I’ve seen people like that. Outwardly expressing their satisfaction at their thrifty purchase, while hiding their displeasure at its inadequacies. They all eventually admit that there just isn’t enough storage.

    If you use the argument that you don’t need that storage for what you do, then you really don’t need a smartphone.

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah notifications on the bezel enhances my life because I can’t see it on the screen!

    Again phones are sold to the mass not the few. Most people (myself NOT included) will purchase the phone on contract so that’s all that matters to the many.

    Sounds like you’re a fAndroid true and true … so why troll?

  • Quattro

    Oh look! You looked up about the bezels… briefly. Nice try.

    “that’s all that matters”? No, you dumb sh*t. It’s irrelevant to the context of the point I was making… An actual cost comparison. Like… seriously! Were you born with half a brain?

    fAndroid… That’s yet another truly pathetic comment to make. Typical of someone desperate to not admit they are wrong. I just use iPhone. I wouldn’t be hanging around here if I wasn’t. Check my other posts (Disqus history) if you don’t believe me. I’m sure I’ve said it elsewhere.

  • FragilityG4

    I seemed to have touched a nerve with you … for that I’m sorry ???? You’re getting so angry ????…

    I have no problem admitting I’m wrong if I’m wrong. It happened once … I felt good afterwards having admitted it and have yet to make the mistake again. For the good of everyone I’m sure.

    fAndroid is a proud name of its people. I try to not use it in a non derogatory way. I simply wanted to call to the pride you and your people share.

    I on the other hand am a proud iSheep, born and raised. Legend has it that true iSheep never gawk at rumours and wait for our proud leader, the mighty Mister Tim Cook to announce the changes we must learn to love regardless of personal reservations. But at least we have no viruses!

    So calm down, have a cola, maybe an invisible cola since it’s back for a limited time … and chiiiillllll out. Your anger is hurting my eyes ???? Hahaha

  • Ian

    Quattro, you WIN… you are now my hero, and I will closely watch everything your say or write… lol

  • FragilityG4

    If you’re soooooo satisfied with your purchases why do you, admittedly so, change back and forth between brands? Clearly by your half witted rants Apple is inferior and will remain so if they don’t catch up! So why are we having this conversation? Why are you on this forum? You’ve made up your mind based on rumours and the free world allows you to have an opinion no matter how erroneous it might be. So why are we talking?

    Oh no!! I sound angry and mad like you!!! Good thing I’m joking around …. or am I? Who knows? Zack once said Anger is a Gift … but is it? I like to smile and laugh instead like I’m in a candy land … or factory … I miss Gene already … but I digress …… I think … I’ll look up the meaning Hahaha

  • Quattro

    I never said I change back and forth between brands.

    “…the free world allows you to have an opinion no matter how erroneous it might be. So why are we talking?”
    Are you implying that your “opinion” shouldn’t be questioned?

    What drugs are you on?

  • FragilityG4

    I don’t give opinion… I give fact! Hahaha

    My only drugs is life! Try it it’s great ????

  • Dany Quirion

    The price rumors was a total joke, the price will be cheaper in cnd this year.

  • K.

    Any word on something new for the iPad mini?

  • JonathanM

    blame it on our crappy canadian dollar. You do realize companies have to adjust prices according to exchange rates right?

  • artikas

    Lol I think you both are right and don’t even realize it. The fact of the matter is Apple has always been a great innovator and delivering what people want. Lately though the competition is coming up with innovation that Apple fans would also like to have but currently don’t. Thinks like that for me for example are: wireless charging, 15 min quick charge, waterproofing, memory card slot. iPhones were unbelievable because the my did everything but not anymore. Now its about preference

  • Dany Quirion

    They are using an echange rate of 1.42 on the iphone go figure.

  • jay

    the price is way to high and now with all these new players that offer decent phones for half the price…. but even big apple fans having a hard time buying the latest and greats from apple. it will be 400$ on contract which is for some people a lot cash

  • xxxJDxxx

    “See you on the 7th” Possibly a hint at facial recognition or iris scanning?