[Update] Siri Running Successfully On All iOS 5 Devices

Update 1: @jackoplane updates Siri on other iOS devices will require a jailbreak. They haven’t posted a video for legal reasons.

Just 3 days ago, we told you how 9to5Mac in collaboration with developer Steven Troughton-Smith ported the Siri technology from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4 and had shown at on video as well. Today, another claim comes from developer @Jackoplane who says to have gotten Siri to run on all iOS 5 devices without even requiring a jailbreak. He also says that a video of the port will be posted shortly as well. Meanwhile, the developer has tweeted an FAQ about this fully functional port of Siri on iPhone 4 / 3GS, iPod touch 3G / 4G and iPad / iPad 2. Check it out below:

The process of enabling Siri on non-supported devices does not require any jailbreak, according to the developer. He says that you’ll need to use “NSFileManager” to get this to work. There is no ETA for the release yet but shouldn’t be long before we see more of it. Stay tuned!

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  • CA

    Apple needs to block that. And keep it iPhone 4s exclusive.

  • EC

    Why? I think everyone should have access to Siri not just 4S users, I have a 4S and would not mind at all if people who have a 3G, 3Gs or 4 had Siri.
    What are your reasons for thinking Siri should be 4S exclusive?

  • Kooley

    ^ Seriously?  I really hope your joshing.

  • Mathieu Reid

    They said Siri is iPhone 4S exclusive because Siri need the A5 chip.
    There is no reason to not have it on other device if they can handle it. (and it looks like they can)

    So the real reason for Siri exclusive on iPhone 4S is to sell the device, make people do useless upgrade.

    Really lame from apple.

  • Mathieu Reid

    Why ?
    It’s stupid to make a application device exclusive when it can run on older version.
    Sadly in Canada it’s almost impossible to upgrade every year without getting screwed by the providers. That mean some people won’t be getting the iPhone 4S. (that will probably be replaced in less than a year)

  • Mathieu Reid

    Comment position fail.

  • Marsdust

    Why shouldn’t I have Siri on my 3GS?  Since when is the 4S the “exclusive” phone?

  • Jduckets11

    It’s called business guys. In this day and age Apple couldn’t wait 2 years to bring out the revamped iPhone which is coming I’m sure by summer. To stay relevant they need to release a new version to grab people attention to keep people’s attention. I don’t think people with an iPhone 4 should have Siri as Apple is a business that employees millions of people world wide and the bottom line is there out to make money

    Beside I got an iPhone 4s and I think it’s a vast improvement from the 4. It’s like the iPhone 4 went to a spa and came back better then ever.

  • Cake

    If Siri was only meant to run oa A5 devices, then it gets ported to all others running iOS 5 , it will not work as well. Then we’ll get all the whining and complaining , just like when the 3G got left out of ios 4. If you want Siri you should upgrade your device.

  • KudosPhoneman

    Gee, aren’t you glad you bought the 4S, especially if you bought it outright and you’re not into graphically intensive games?  Because now you paid at least $650 (+tax) for 3 more mega pixels on a phone camera.

  • KudosPhoneman

    Keep rationalizing that purchase choice!  Cognitive dissonance is your friend 😛

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that putting Siri on a non-A5 device will make your device run like shit. That is why Apple did not make it available for older devices.

    We know that if something doesn’t meet Apple standards, they just don’t do it.

  • Cake

    Enjoy that tight contract rope around your neck and those ridiculous data fees.

  • KudosPhoneman

    Both the 4 and the 4S have the same amount of RAM which would be the primary victim of an app such as this.  Also since Siri does its processing server side, I see little reason why this would be very processor/ram intensive.  Basically it records what you say, sends it to apple, their servers do all the crunching, then send the info back to you.  It’s not like this runs in the background.  You are effectively opening the app when you double tap to open it and it has the full attention of the phone’s resources.

    I know it’s hard to digest for some, but the reason Apple didn’t make the Siri available on previous models, specifically the iPhone 4, is because they needed to give the new model a few more points in the value added category.  Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, maybe not. I guess we will see!

    I personally don’t give a shit if Siri can work on all devices. In fact, I think it would be great if it did! It would definitely make my decision to buy the 4S a little cringe worthy, but I still wouldn’t regret my decision to upgrade. The 4S kicks ass.

  • I think it’s way more likely that Apple knew it’s servers wouldn’t be able to handle any ol’ iOS 5 user trying to connect all at once. It makes sense to give the 4S the early advantage and to let Siri ramp up as the number of users grow. Siri is most likely coming for other devices, it’s just a matter of time and Apple’s ability to scale her.

  • Mike

    I hope Apple doesn’t block this. I understand their position if they really think it won’t run at speed on anything less than a A5 chip, but let’s leave the (manual) option of turning it on for those that want it.

    Maybe it uses more resources than we think? And while it runs fine *for now* on a A4 chip, it won’t in a few months when more and more apps take advantage of the A5. Anyone that tried to run iOS4 on a 3G knows how shitty the phone can become when apps are geared towards new chipsets…

  • rio

    I am with djepsiolon, people are underestimating the power of the dual core. I switched from 4 to 4S and it is such a huge difference.

  • rio

    Jealous eh. Like i stated before you are underestimating the power of the dual core. The 4S has such a huge speed boost compared to the 4.

  • I think you’ve nailed it.

  • Tom

    Usman, I noticed a few times now with your articles…you’re not giving credit to original source. iJailbreak.com broke the news about this topic yesterday http://www.ijailbreak.com/ipad/siri-functioning-on-iphone4s/, even CultOfMac.com http://www.cultofmac.com/124731/siri-is-coming-soon-to-an-ios-5-device-near-you-no-jailbreak-required/ and a few other sites have given credit. It’s unfortunate to see a site such as iPhoneInCanada.ca to not provide proper source. Something to think about…

  • Tom

    Usman, I have left a comment regarding your article which apparently is pending. Please check with administrator in regards to the comments. Thank you.


  • Ex

    Taken care of. You should see it soon.

  • Acecchetto

    I have to shake my head at some of the posts on here… People are criticizing others for getting/not getting a new model of phone. At the end of the day, we all like our Apple products so what does it matter?

    I personally hope that Siri works on all the other devices, but if it doesn’t, then good for all the 4S owners, I will be jealous!!

  • KudosPhoneman

    Not at all, the day after the 4S was announced I left my iPhone 4 and went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy IIS.  It’s a great device and with the new ICS OS looking better than IOS 5 in terms of functionality and aesthetics, (the latter being a first for Android), I expect to only see this market dominant platform grow. 

    That said, I completely expect the iPhone 5 to be an amazing device that launches Apple back to the front of the pack or at least amongst the contenders,  I may even switch back if it is,  but over the next year, more and more the offerings from Android based manufacturers are going to  make the iPhone look like a heavy brick with a small screen.  So whether I’m on an Android vacation or a permanent move remains to be seen.

  • Keefer

    Might be worth noting the following tweet from JackoPlane:

    Okay, so many blogs are getting this wrong, you DO need a jailbreak for Siri. I currently don’t have a JB to get the info I need from the 4S1 hour ago

  • Anonymous

    Which of those sites are you from?

  • Anonymous

    4 Million people in 3 days in 7 countries would disagree with you.

  • KudosPhoneman

    Perhaps, but Apple’s not a poor company and if they can release ios5 to all supported devices at roughly 800mb a copy, surely they can handle Siri sending transcoded text from voice inputs.

  • KudosPhoneman

    I’d wager that most of those 4 million don’t nerd out with gadget’s on the same level as I. heh.   And that’s where’ll I admit iPhone succeeds.  If you want something that just works,  is easy to use with the most elegant marriage between software and hardware, sure buy the new iphone.  If you’re into tech and you want more functionality and the implementation of breaking edge technology on breaking edge technology, then there are better options now.   I’ve had every iPhone up to the 4 and I just want a bloody widget on my home screen..and a bigger screen…and apps that are not controlled by big brother..so yeah..

    The vast majority of iPhone users don’t care about all I’ve listed or the tech nuances of their device, which is fine.  If you’re satisfied with your phone, that’s all that matters.  I would surmise though that most of this blog’s visitors are tech heads so I’d encourage anyone who feels a tie to brand loyalty to try and go beyond it. There is the potential that you might be rather surprised by what’s out there.

  • Paulitos

    We’ll see how you feel when in 6 months they come out with the iphone 5 and they have exclusive features that you can’t access with the 4s

  • Rabid1

    Transparency ! Such an ugly word , is it not?

  • Anonymous

    Apple said Siri needs A5.
    They also said that iCloud must run on Mac with OSX Lion! (LOL)
    And not to mention they didn’t allow wallpapers on the iPhone 3G.

    Apple does this way too often. Forcing people to upgrade to something shiny and nice when it is not needed in the first place.

    Siri will run fine on a 3GS. It may not be as smooth as a 4S but she should still give you a response.

    Looking forward to seeing this port when it gets released.

  • Jack Johnson

    Funny you mention that Tom. I’ve been following Apple blogs for a long time and iPhoneincanada from what I’ve seen has already given credit to sources. The only time I have heard of iJailbreak is when they were called out numerous times on twitter from other blogs such as iDB for jacking posts w/o giving credit. So maybe IJailbreak should be the ones being talked to by u??

    Was this ‘news’ exclusive to iJailbreak? Last time I checked twitter was public domain, so Usmin could have heard about it from friends or whatever since he is always on top of jailbreak news. 

    CoM is a joke of a blog, don’t know why people would follow them. They post joke stories like rumours that Steve Jobs is dead, and also posting stories about the elimination of the magic mouse, only to revoke rumours they created themselves then get called out by Gruber on DF. Pretty funny stuff. In other words, they make sh1t up. 

    Who gives an F where this story came from, I saw it on my own twitter feed. It wasn’t exclusive to iJailbrake just because they posted it ‘first’. 

  • Jack Johnson

    haha, so true

  • Jack Johnson

    Bingo. Think of these launch countries as a test bed for Siri, and that’s why Apple clearly told us it’s in beta. All these people crying need to get out more.

  • Anonymous

    Am pretty sure their partners man. If you’ve been following long enough you’ll know! Maybe even same guy for a while.

  • Anonymous

    First off, some ppl don’t wana gamble with unknown virus filled apps, and did u know steve jobs made the iPhone this exact size coz u can reach the whole screen with a swab of ur thumb, that’s functionality for ya!

  • Anonymous

    First off, some ppl don’t wana gamble with unknown virus filled apps, and did u know steve jobs made the iPhone this exact size coz u can reach the whole screen with a swab of ur thumb, that’s functionality for ya!

  • Anonymous

    First off, some ppl don’t wana gamble with unknown virus filled apps, and did u know steve jobs made the iPhone this exact size coz u can reach the whole screen with a swab of ur thumb, that’s functionality for ya!

  • Anonymous

    And you’re right, it would be wise to get the 5 not the 4s (like I did), especially that Steve jobs died working not on the 4s but the ip5!

  • Johna

    I think your calculations are off. When 20million+ people downloaded ios5 all at once, it created a problem. Why don’t you think 20 million people continuous hammering their servers won’t?

  • Meena00

    I am just laughing at all those who just upgraded to iphone 4S to get the SIRI tech..

  • Ben

    Yeah but watch what happens when u keep updating your iOS software, the iPhone will gradually get more and more slower as u update.  for instance, just like the iPhone 3G shit creek slow when updated to iOS 4 the same will happen when iPhone 4S updates to iOS 7

  • Anonymous

    Wrong … I can GUARANTEE you they wanted to sell more new phones. This was touted as THE killer feature to sell new phones. Apple has absolutely no shame. I’m not trolling. I’m a 3rd gen iPhone owner. They do this every year. (i.e. iPad front-facing camera with space for the camera already designed)

  • Anonymous

    He bought the Mac Wheel, as well. Oh, he loves it, too.

  • Bruce

    I to upgraded from a 4 to 4s and the respring time is enough to make me happy