Small Office In Toronto Uses iPhone To Save A Bird!


So there’s a guy a named Jason who works in a small office of about 12 employees in Toronto. On Tuesday, Jason had to grab some files which were located in the window-less and low ceiling basement of their Toronto office. Upon arrival, Jason heard some interesting noises. When he turned around, a bird (as in the animal) came flying towards his head!

As most people would react, Jason jumped into fifth gear and ran back upstairs into the office using anything he could for cover as the mysterious bird chased closely. Once back in the safety of his office, the bird was no longer in pursuit. But there is a problem here. There is a helpless animal trapped in the basement.

With denied assistance from Animal Services, Jason and his co-workers attempted to carefully capture the bird using a blanket, but alas, the bird was too fast! So what to do?

When in doubt, check your iPhone!

Jason and two co-workers armed themselves with an iPhone and downloaded an app called “Twitter & Tweet Bird Calls”. Opening the office door to the basement, Jason crouched down and began shaking the iPhone to make bird sounds with the hope that the bird would come flying towards the sound and to freedom.

Seconds later, believe it or not, the bird came flying through the doorway, startling the heroic iPhone trio and sending another co-worker retreating into her office and closing the door! At this point, Jason quickly ran to open the front office door to get the bird to freedom, but the bird kept flying into the all-glass walls of the office. The little trooper eventually wore itself out and Jason was able to pick up the bird and free it outside.

So with the assistance of Jason, his co-workers, and of course the iPhone, the once trapped little bird was safely set free!

Beautiful. *tear*

Thanks to Jason for sharing!


  • AngryBird

    He should of loaded the bird into a slingshot…

  • Lok

    Those guys are retards. Animal Control for a bird? That’s about as weak as publishing this story. Another one like this and you lost a reader. You hear me?

  • Frankie

    Wholly chicken kabob Batman!

  • Ex

    Sorry, what’s that? I couldn’t hear you.

  • gordunramsie

    “Another one like this and you lost a reader”

    Why don’t you do us all a favour and WAKE UP AND DIE. Threats to a blog for not reading? You’re PATHETIC, and thanks for painting a rosy picture of what your parents, school mates, and coworkers (assuming you have even had a job, you DONKEY) have had to deal with.

  • Austin Manner

    What kind of a post is this. Just junk!

  • James00

    I thought it was kinda funny.

  • Terry

    You’re a f****ing asshole.

  • believe it or not, birds are animals too. The care for safety dose not matter on the animal or size, its a living thing, and the animals life takes first priority.

    Next time you get hit by a car, do you want people to walk by and go “oh… its only one person, lets wait til another person is in trouble before we call 911” lol clearly we know were you stand with animal care Lok…

  • Dont worry about people like LoK EX
    I actually enjoy articles like this, because its nice to read something once in a while thats not just about hardware or software, but a 3rd use outside of the box. A couple people need to remember is a blog is for news, news on which the writer chooses to post. Lets face it, the story was nice, and you stayed on topic while posting about iPhones lol. I say a job well done

    Its sad when people like LoK care more about the phone in his hand then the life of another.

  • Anonymous

    You’re upset with a blog called “iPhone in Canada” for reporting a feel-good story about how someone used an iPhone… in… Canada to save a bird. This would seem like the _perfect_ place to share such an story.

    Grow up.

  • BiochemBoss

    Its an app review. lol. eJournalism at its finest. Who cares though, i don’t know about you, but I don’t visit the website, expecting the same caliber of reporting as The New Yorker. Cheers!

  • Is there anything that an iPhone cannot do?

  • Is there nothing that an iPhone can’t do??

  • its pretty awesome… !!! i remember my cousin’s baby from montreal came to vancouver and she wouldnt stop crying and crying so i downloaded a baby melody app and she slepted in the car ride home.

  • the unabomber

    I would of just let the damn bird die, there’s lots of them in Toronto!