Spotify Premium for Family Launches in Canada for $14.99, Matches Apple Music


Spotify Premium has launched its family plan in Canada, which allows up to 6 total users to share one account, priced at $14.99 CAD per month, which is the same pricing details as Apple Music. A single subscription costs $9.99 per month (again like Apple Music).

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Premium accounts get unlimited skips, offline listening, play any track on-demand, ad-free, HQ audio, plus Chromecast/GoogleCast support. All members must live at the same address, says Spotify, while they will get their own separate accounts with individual playlists, saved music and recommendations.

Spotify Family first launched globally back in May, at the time excluding Canada. Many speculated whether Canada would get these Family Plans, but now we have them four months later.

Other streaming music family plans in Canada include Google Music, which similarly offers up to six members for $14.99 CAD per month.

Anyone going to signing up for a Spotify Family plan?


  • Apple Music fan

    Too late, before Apple Music I was waiting for this but we’ve already switched.

  • I found Spotify always got music late.
    Often I’d have to wait an extra 3+ before my favourite artists like T.I or Usher had no singles or albums posted.

    For this reason I use Google and Apple Music. Currently on Apple.

  • MrBambinoDent

    Only thing that’s keeping me with Spotify and not Apple Music is their integration into Playstation!