Spotify Preparing Expansion To Canada, Asia, and South America


While Spotify hit huge in the United States upon its official release in July of 2011, everyone in Canada was left in the dust. Just over a year later, the Wall Street Journal is reporting Spotify is preparing to expand yet again. This time the popular music streaming service will make ways north of the border into Canada. Furthermore, parts of Asia and South America will be included in the roll out.

In detail, the WSJ has more:

The annual account filing contains a management report, dated April 23 this year, where Spotify said a launch on the Canadian market is planned. Spotify said this move will further consolidate its position as the world’s largest music-streaming service, and added that it may seek to expand into “countries in Asia and South America.”

Spotify originally opened for business back during 2008 in European countries. Since then, Spotify has paid close to $250 million in fees to record deals. As of late, the streaming service is competing mainly against iTunes, Rhapsody, and Pandora.

The enjoyable part about Spotify is the ease of organization. I can setup my own playlists and find the ‘hottest’ songs with a few taps. One negative aspect is that this costs $10 per month, but you do get unlimited music. For starters, you could try out Spotify free of charge for 48 hours if you want to give it a test-drive.

I’m happy Spotify is finally coming to Canada, how about you?


  • RJO

    I am excited to check out the service, but I have to say Rdio has been very good and it’ll have to be really good to capture my subscription

  • ABetterWorld

    Thank God! I have been running Spotify for a year through a workaround, and they just stopped my paid account last month. Take my money Spotify!

  • Mat

    I started to like Rdio a lot and not sure I would switch back to another service

  • me myself and i

    refuse to touch this while it is attached to facebook login

  • RyanStOnge

    I think I’m the only one who likes the facebook login attachments to apps. Makes the signup/login process easy. I’ve seen so many people hate on it, but I guess I like it mainly because I am active on facebook.

  • RyanStOnge

    I almost forgot about Rdio until you mentioned it. Very nice music streaming application.

  • Erik

    Yup I use Rdio all the time now. I liked Spotify (tried it with a US account) but now that I have my collection saved on Rdio, not sure I would switch… They missed their chance in my opinion.

  • Erik

    Exactly, same here.

  • davidmvdg

    i agree that it’s stupid, but refusal to use is a little strong here.